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This week I was part of the group that discussed "What is the noosphere?". We tried to come up with an effective elevator speech. So I tried to answer this question with a drawing.

In the two sketches, the large circle is to represent our planet. The dots around the planet represent the noosphere as generally described, floating around the Earth.

This is the second drawing (see the first one here)* where the connections are looking more like roots/neurons, it's more organic looking. It can look like the whole planet and its noosphere, as well as a single cell, or even an organism. So I think that sketch is pretty close. I am not sure how I would do it in color!

In the second sketch, the threads continue on outside the planet... they could continue on further... which takes me to a new question:

"Where does the noosphere stop?" I welcome your comments, feedback and suggestions!

*This is the first drawing, although it represents the network of intelligence and connections, it felt like it was missing the living biology aspect that this course uses as a basis for its study.

The watercolor will be sent in a tube. Contact Gaia if you wish to buy it matted and/or framed.