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This is a study sketch for a design I am working on for Soulshine Festival.

This week I did this study sketch for a design I am working on for a client (Soulshine Festival).

It speaks about finding harmony between body, mind, and spirit. Notice that the geometry is based on the number 9. In numerology, 9 represents completion, the culmination of wisdom and experience. It's not just esoteric hocus pocus, it makes sense because it is the last number before moving on the double digits.

As you can see I am a bit of a symbolism geek, I just love that stuff! So here is a bit  more for you:

The rainbow colours and the circular design symbolize flow. 

The gold symbols around represent action, courage, and vision; thoughts, truth, and integrity; sensations, emotions and awareness. The spiral in the centre is for learning, growth and the expansion of Consciousness.

The watercolour will be sent in a tube. Contact me id you wish to buy it with the 3-layer mat or even have it framed.

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