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MURMURATION: Murmuration is the term used to describe the fascinating synchronized flight of thousands of starlings. Although it is still a mystery to the science community, advanced technology has been able to study the movement of the birds. The closest thing they can compare their flight to is the critical transition that metals go through when liquefying and how a sudden transformation takes place within such a system. Besides the awe that is felt when witnessing this dance of nature I can't help but see a possible metaphor for the potential of change within humanity.

THIS PAINTING IS SOLD but keep in mind that I welcome commissions. I love co-creating. Together we could manifest an image that would be unique for you, that reflects your journey or your dreams and would fit exactly the space you live in. Do not hesitate to contact me if you've seen one of my paintings and would like something similar or if you have something specific in mind that we could work on in conjunction!

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