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I chose to work with the geometry of the hexagon to refer to the metaphor we use a lot in this course: how insect -bees here- are an example of exquisite collaborative species.

The composition wants to evoke the magical mathematical perfection of our universe. It also portrays the soup in which life emerged from unicells coming together to create ever more complex organisms (well apparently it is not quite like that as Bruce Damer explains in the video from Week 3 material – but good enough!)

The Earth is at the center; there were such a small probability that the human species could arise from the sequence of evolutionary circumstances and now exist in this delicate balanced ecosystem.

The image aims to give the impression of both micro and macro viewpoint: A necessary lens to be able to see the whole, gain a holistic understanding and hopefully, find coherent intelligent solutions to the problematic, almost catastrophic conditions we have created in our corner of the universe.

The watercolor will be sent in a tube. Contact Gaia if you wish to buy it matted and/or framed.