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BEFRIENDING YOUR DRAGON: It's in facing 'our dragon' (what scares us) that we consciously grow up and find peace within.

In Chinese symbolism, the dragon has a positive message. He is wisdom and strength, keeper of the Tao. In western tradition the dragon represents the evil side. He is our fears, sadness, anger, all strong and hard emotions to feel and be with. That is why we are often afraid of the dragon.

In this image, the girl is about to be born. She has confronted her dragon and has made peace with him as well as with herself.

The willow embraces both of them as a gentle womb. From its trunk to its roots, the cycle of life begins and ends from birth to death.

There are seven stages of life, each of them being about learning and gaining wisdom so that we can return to the earth in harmony with it, and with all.

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