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I am continuing on my attempt to represent the Noosphere.

This week’s material talked about the three levels of connections: biosphere, technosphere and cosmos. There were also a lot of back and forth between the micro and the macro. It’s apparent that I worked with that also.

If I represent an optimal noosphere then the technosphere here is rooted in the biosphere so we do not see any disturbance from its existence. The image evokes a planet (the blue center form) where our technology has harmoniously merged with biology.

My recent question was “Where does the noosphere stop?” It prompted me to add other planetary systems with their own global brains – represented by the colored spot. You can see how the web of the Earth’s noosphere connects with these other networks. The noosphere does not have a boundary, it is as infinite as our universe

The rainbow dots are the points of “thoughts”, a myriad of points of views working together and linked in the nexus.

I’d like to mention that when I work on these study sketches in conjunction with the material of the course I never try to create something aesthetic. If there is any elegance and beauty in the final results, it is simply a reflection of the heart of the ideas conveyed here!

The watercolor will be sent in a tube. Contact Gaia if you wish to buy it matted and/or framed.