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My question of the week has been "What do we do with Emu?"

I posed the question via two drawings.

This is the second sketch (see the first here)* it shows the community coming together, organizing itself, as well as either ignoring or expelling Emu. If we consider that we need community to survive, even Emu will need it. He will either find a way to re-integrate the group or will just die off alone.

I am sure there must be other solutions. I welcome your comments, suggestions, and ideas on my approach and insight!

On another note, I've received helpful comments on my question from many of you. You may recognize some of it in my artful rendition of this problem-solving exercise!

*The first sketch shows a bully-like emu, or large lion creature barging through a community of kindred spirits. We can visually see/feel the disruption. 

Eventually, a third sketch was created around that subject. See it here.

The watercolor will be sent in a tube. Contact Gaia if you wish to buy it matted and/or framed.