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Why I Shaved My Head!

P1170779First, let’s make things clear, this is no big deal for me as it is the 4th time that I have cut my hair all off like this in my life. But it seems to cause so many odd looks and questions that I will share why I do it.

1. It feels amazing, clean, practical and comfortable

2. It symbolizes a passage, a change, a transformation

3. It heightens my sensitivity and awareness (just for a while! That would be too easy!)

Wild Woman by Gaia OrionAbout 10 years ago my friend artist and meditator Har-Prakash, who is also a Sikh told me that each person has their own length of hair. As Sikhs don’t ever cut their hair, they know that some men have short beards and others have them growing to the ground. The same goes for the hair! So a bit after that I shaved my head I decided that I would see from there how long it would grow. After 5 years, it reached more or less its peak. I was hoping that it would go right to my hips as the hair of the wild women does in my paintings! Oh well! So that’s it, the experiment is now simply over! And anyway my family was tired of vacuuming long hairs and finding them in all the good homemade food I prepare!

The last time I shaved my head I attended my first Ayahuasca ceremony with a shaman from Ecuador that was here in Canada to share his teachings about the healing plants. He was very shocked that I had done that to my hair and was summoning me how the power of the divine resides in the hair and that it is very important to keep it long. If this is true, then I ask now why most monks of many faiths shave their heads? … We, humans, make up so many stories that make no sense, and the spiritual ones can be the most puzzling!

Moment Just Before watermarkI can feel people stare when I walk in public, for some it looks drastic and I get questions and looks that are wondering if I had lice, if I have cancer or if I am a lesbian. Living this makes me realise how difficult it must be for people that express anything different than the norm in our society. Maybe most people are just wary of what it takes to do something unusual (and man this is nothing! I can’t believe I am even blogging about it!). In this act I actually feel empowered and renewed! I have been embracing many changes in my life this year, one of them being that I just turned 40, so this is also a way of marking this life transition.

For those that just don’t get it, I say that I donated my hair to a cancer society (which I did) and suddenly I turn from a freak to a hero! And for those that really don’t like it, no big worries, it will eventually grow back… maybe… if I let it… hee hee hee!

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