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Where do you get I inspiration from?

Gaia-Sketching“How do you get your inspiration” is probably the question people ask me most. So over the years I tried to figure out how the images come to me and I have found that they arise in three ways.


Vagina, Blessings and Preparing the Ground appeared to me in dreams


1. In dreams: This only happened to me 3 times. It’s wonderful to wake up with a new image in mind. The dream is an actual painting and it even zooms in to show me how to paint the details. It happened for Vagina, Blessings and Preparing the Ground. I love when this happens but you can see it doesn’t occur that often!

2. In visions: What I mean by vision is a stark image that pops in my mind’s eye very clearly in a time when my brain is quiet, relaxed and open. For me, it can be just before I fall asleep or wake up or during meditation. This was the case for Free!, I Have A Dream, and my recent Phoenix.


Evolution of my painting Free!


Evolution of my painting I Have A Dream


Evolution of my painting of the Phoenix (still in process)

3. In a story: Sometimes a specific scene touches me and I want to create a painting to transcribe it. Most of the time it happens that the first sketch is very close to the final painting. But this process can take longer to capture what I want to express. I start with a feeling and can be trying different sketches for months or years until one day it is ready to be born and I just know when I see the sketch that “I got it”. For my new painting The Call, you can see the poor sketches until the right one appeared.


(Note: This painting The Call has won an award from the publication HOZHO and the oil on canvas has publication restriction until March 2014)


Our-Journey-Gaia-OrionFor my painting Our Journey, I knew it was going to be a spiral with the stages of life but a vision with the vines and trees connecting the whole image completed the image. This case also applies for when I work on a commission job. After talking and sharing with the client, I let the inspiration arise until it is ready and it will usually come as a strong vision after prolonged incubation.

As far as I know most artists work on one subject matter for a few years and then move onto a new one. For me, the images from different themes come sporadically, when they are ready. It was only a few years ago that I realized that I have different stories unfolding within various series of paintings. It’s fascinating as the midwife of the images to see all of this come to life under my paintbrush. Once out in the world, each painting has its own life, teaching me, touching others and accompanying them on their life journey too.


World Peace - Oil on Canvas 92x92cm

World Peace – Oil on Canvas 92x92cm

Mandala For Union - Oil on Canvas 61x61cm

Mandala For Union – Oil on Canvas 61x61cm

Moon Ritual - Watercolor 30x30cm

Moon Ritual – Watercolor 30x30cm

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