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What Got Me Into The World Of Mandalas?

Mandala For Union - Oil on Canvas - 61cmx61cm

Mandala For Union – Oil on Canvas – 61cmx61cm

When I first started to show my art I would have people asking me “Oh! You paint mandalas? Do you teach mandala workshops?” To tell you the truth I knew nothing about mandalas then, all I had done is paint circle images! After being told this so many times I started looking into it. It is quite surprising to realise that there are so many people teaching about mandalas all over nowadays. I was in a metaphysical store in France checking out their book section and they had a number of them on the subject. The owner told me then that “mandalas are in” everybody wants to know about them!

Mandala in sanscrit means “circle”. The circle in sacred geometry is the basic symbol representing the whole of creation. It is a universal symbol for oneness and is known to produce a resonance of peace. Many cultures around the world throughout history have circle images in their artwork and in their representation of the universe.

I will share some scientific research that unveils how mandala geometry is more than circle drawings, it is in fact the visual expression of existing frequencies.

Geometric patterns affect the body and the brain in different manners. They even affects matter. Karl Drbal, a Czecholovak radio technician in the late 1940’s discovered that the sharpness of a razor blade was maintained longer than normal when the blade was kept inside a pyramid structure.

This tells us how technically a mandala image reverberates frequencies that can affect one’s system to the core.

Sound mandalas

Image from the book Secrets In The Fields by Freddy Silva

In 1770’s, the Hungarian physicist Ernest Chladni showed for the first time how sound vibrations are connected to form. He produced some sounds and watched fine sand on metal disks rearranged itself in geometric patterns. The experiment has been reproduced a century later in England by Margaret Watts-Hughes. This time her voice generated flower patterns and other mandala geometric forms on fine powder and liquid set on a disk.

Om Yantra

Om Yantra

Do you know what a yantra is? It is the visual representation of the energy of a chakra (measurable subtle energetic centers of the body);  each chakra also connects to specific frequencies of sound. Now this ancient Hindu tradition of chanting specific sounds and mantras makes scientific sense.

Equilibrium - Oil on Canvas 61x61cm

Equilibrium – Oil on Canvas 61x61cm

This universe is no random creation, when we see the perfection and intelligence of nature we can only be fascinated and amazed. Did you realise that the size of the moon (which is really a mandala!) is exactly the size of the sun from the point of view of our planet? You can see this during solar eclipses. This universe is a wonderful perfect geometric composition!

So when we work on mandalas we are connecting with this immense intelligence. You will experience that if you let your brain rest and open up to a more spontaneous intuitive experience some magic will emerge. The power of these mandala images you will create will become tools for growing and learning about life.

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Wholeness - Oil on Canvas - 92x92cm

Wholeness – Oil on Canvas – 92x92cm


  1. Today I rediscovered what I did not know, what I’ve always known, the ever evolving beauty the CIRCLE holds for all nature’s children. Thank you.

    • I am so glad to read your comment dear Peter, the journey goes on! All the best on the path of wholeness!


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