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Thrive With Gaia – Creative Evolutionary Journeys for Success and Wellbeing – Corporate

Creative Evolutionary Journeys For Success and Wellbeing

How can creative journeys help my organization?

Artist and creativity corporate coach Gaia Orion understands that creativity does not have to be confined to the arts and that it can be uniquely mobilized in the service of learning.

Research supports this idea, indicating that arts-based education promotes creative thinking and problem-solving skills, and fosters innovative leadership competencies. Arts-based training is already used in many sectors, from law firms to fortune 500 companies, local councils to non-profit organizations.

Gaia Orion Professional Artist Career Coach

From promoting a new idea to producing an innovation, from inspiring workers to changing the world, a growing number of business and community leaders are recognizing that creativity is not just a tool, but the very foundation needed for achieving our goals.

Objectives and Long-Term Benefits

Enhanced Innovation Skills

Awakening of your natural, clear, efficient and visionary mind.

Ideas to flow easily and original solutions to problems arise.

Stress Reduction

More relaxed atmosphere at work.

Better personal and collective stress management.

Team Bonding

A better appreciation of each other's input and unique qualities.

Builds trust between colleagues which results in stronger collaborative capacities.

Finding Meaning

Sense of purpose which engages and motivates.

A deeper sense of meaning for the whole of the team and business at large.

Being an artist, I regularly practice in the studio everything that I teach: I look within and find original ideas. I reflect on my creations and learn about myself. I share my work with others and experience a greater sense of connection and wholeness.

Gaia Orion

Here is what clients say about their creative journeys:

The workshop really showed me how I can start something feeling unsure, but it can turn into something cool. I had an amazing experience and cannot wait to spend more time with Gaia in the future! 

Jessica Crowe
Jessica Crowe
Senior Business Analyst, Telus

I’ve been in the corporate coaching business for 14 years and I have never seen anything like this. What you are offering to teams is just fantastic!

Cindy Stradling
Cindy Stradling
Athena Training and Consulting

Bringing Go Creative in our office was a unique and enriching experience…these workshops increased the depth and cohesion of our team and reminded us how we each are a valuable and essential part of the company.

Susan Pahl
Susan Pahl
Founder and CEO of Shift Coaching

Gaia’s creative workshop was a big hit at our conference. The breakout room was standing room only as participants had their minds and hearts opened to the potential application of mindfulness to creativity. After the session, the room was buzzing as people continued to share about their own powerful personal experiences under Gaia’s gentle, confident facilitation. Looking forward to the next event!

Jay Vidyarthi
Jay Vidyarthi
Design Strategist, Global Mindful Institute

I enjoyed creating a painting as a group. It made the creative process for me less intimidating. My team implemented the vision and concept we started with. Everyone participated and offered meaningful ideas. Miigwech.

Adrienne Pelletier
Adrienne Pelletier
Director of Social Development Anishinabek Nation

Gaia’s coaching was a very impactful opportunity for our team members to connect and learn about each others, our personalities and what each will contribute in the upcoming year.

Tom Price
Tom Price
Director of Niagara College Student Administrative Council

We show up at work with our whole selves every day, yet it is never a part of the conversation – I love that Gaia’s coaching explores who we are at a deeper level because it fosters a genuine understanding and appreciation for who we are, which in return, strengthens our ability to perform with our full capacity at the workplace.

Thalia Felbert
Thalia Felbert
Community Liaison Officer, Couchiching Jubilee House

Gaia’s work is there to inspire and awaken us to another perspective on life and beyond to bring in a more peaceful and harmonious society, in a better balance with Nature.

Tristan Lecomte
Tristan Lecomte
Serial Social Entrepreneur, Founder and CEO, Pur Projet

Gaia Orion is a gifted woman that transmits a fundamental resource of ‘the courage of being ourselves. Thank you for daring and for gathering us around a passionate and generous sorority.

Sophie Andrieu
Sophie Andrieu
Founder of Women in Action

Gaia was able to transmit her message through Zoom seamlessly and with heart. As a participant, I personally found her mindfulness approach extremely beneficial to generating self-acceptance and empowerment through art.

Jennifer MacEachern
Jennifer MacEachern
Team Manager, TELUS

WATCH THIS 1 MIN of live testimonials from Telus employees

THRIVE WITH GAIA was brought to these organizations:


The blend of mindfulness, art making, and sharing the colourful creations is so engaging such that participants often ‘forget’ that they are even online.

Plus, the feedback of each participant is unanimously positive.

Groups that create and share their journeys together clearly move forward energized, inspired, and fulfilled.

Gaia was able to transmit her message through Zoom seamlessly and with heart. As a participant, I personally found her mindfulness approach extremely beneficial to generating self-acceptance and empowerment through art.

Jennifer MacEachern, Team Manager, Telus


Gaia is a full-time artist and a certified corporate creativity coach (WABC and CCA) with an international career. Before following her true calling, she was an entrepreneur who co-founded two successful businesses. She brings to the world her ‘joie de vivre’ (she is originally from Paris, France), her unique, artistic style, and her rich life experiences.

Her peaceful and confident persona comes from twenty years of commitment to meditation practices and 15 years of leading creative workshops internationally.

Altogether, this makes her an ideal workshop facilitator for our evolutionary times.

“I bring my unique method of creating to the workshop. This process is powerful because of its simplicity. Our minds are imprinted with the images we create, like timeless archetypes. They provide lifelong learning, assisting our human, personal, and collective development.” -G.O

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