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The Truth About The Nomads

My husband told me recently “you should really change the bullshit text you have about your nomads painting!”… this is how it goes:

These nomads are carpet weavers. On their carpets they weave pictures of the stories of their lives. They weave as they go and carry all their belongings. All of them, young or old, pregnant, carrying babies, carrying everything. They walk all day, day after day, and sleep anywhere. Life is simple. They have very little, only the necessary. They walk across the plains, through the fields full of rich colours and textures. This beauty is the fabric of their life woven in their carpets.

I think I could live like this; I admire their life; I admire these people.

This painting is inspired by a movie from Iran called Gabbeh that is about those nomads.

Nomads by Gaia Orion- Oil on Canvas - 18"x24"

Nomads by Gaia Orion- Oil on Canvas – 18″x24″


In the movie, the truth is that their lives actually have just as much confusion and misery as our complex modern lives do sometimes and the actuality is their life is not that simple. I am very aware of that part of me that long for the “peaceful ancient times of the wild woman” or the “simple life of the nomads” is a little easy fantasy I use for not taking full responsibility right now with the life I have.

Another great movie is called Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter, Spring. In this Korean story a buddhist monk lives by himself up in the mountain on an island-‘temple’ in the middle of a lake. It is such a pristine, spectacular, quiet spot. Most of us would assume that he must have been living a very enlightened and peaceful life. But it is not so. The mechanisms of life unfolding manifest every lesson that he needed to grow.

I have experienced personally how life brings lessons in many unexpected ways; so many difficult ways sometimes.

All we can do is to cultivate and develop the tools to deal with each life challenge. I realise that for me to think that if I was the nomad, life would be easier or more peaceful, is a form of escape. The life I need to be at peace with is the one I lead right now… whether I decide to be a nomad or not!


Nomads at Dusk – Oil on Canvas – 18″x24″

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