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The significance of my wild woman series

This series is my favourite to work with. It started with Wild Woman, she was one of my first images I painted. She is completely naked, sensitive, alert, confident, strong. She is holding her walking stick as she is on a journey that I myself discover as the paintings reveal themselves.

WIld Woman by Gaia Orion - Watercolor 15"x24" - 2006

Wild Woman by Gaia Orion – Watercolor 15″x24″ – 2006

Wild woman lives in the times when there were no organized society, no man made environment. The only space that existed was nature, pristine, untouched, magnificent, everywhere. The only way her people could survive was by being in tune with nature. My wild woman is a priestess of these times. On the full moon, she performs a snake ritual on top of the hill, like the goddess of Crete still does millenniums later. The hawk is watching the ceremonial.

The Priestess by Gaia Orion - Oil on Canvas 22"x30" - 2011

The Priestess by Gaia Orion – Oil on Canvas 22″x30″ – 2011

Then came the raven. One night on the full moon she was wide awake and heard the call. She responded, and here they are staring at each other intensely.

Raven Call by Gaia Orion - Oil on Canvas 22"x30" 2009

Raven Call by Gaia Orion – Acrylic on Canvas 22″x30″ 2009

She knows that change is the air, wild woman feels it in the elements; she grabs her staff and is ready to embrace new beginnings. The messenger comes and stares her in the eyes.

The Moment Before by Gaia Orion - Oil on Canvas 24"x24" - 2011

The Moment Before by Gaia Orion – Oil on Canvas 24″x24″ – 2011

She is going, following the inescapable movement of time and space.

It is dawn and she is ready for the quest. She doesn’t know where it will take her, impassable canyons are ahead. The raven flies ahead showing the way. She has no choice but to follow. No question asked, no doubts in mind, she will find the way.

Quest at Dawn by Gaia Orion - 18"x24" 2012

Quest at Dawn by Gaia Orion – 18″x24″ 2012

She may be lost at some points, sometimes the raven will be nowhere to be seen. She decides to make a cloak out of black feathers she has collected along the journey. Like a shaman, she dances, in trance, and then, there it is: this time, the raven answered her call.

The Call by Gaia Orion - Oil on Canvas 20"x40" 2013

The Call by Gaia Orion – Oil on Canvas 20″x40″ 2013

Unfortunately some people see my wild woman series as a dark theme. I always wondered why.  Wild woman paintings are raw. Is it that unconsciously she triggers one to go into this rawness, to go deep and feel? How can we be free if we don’t feel? When we feel, we will feel it all, the ugly and the beautiful, the horrific and the magnificent. We cannot choose what to feel. We can only feel what is.

In France particularly, the raven has a connection to bad omens and death. But this popular stigma comes from a christian base culture that is dramatically separated from nature. On the other hand, in North America, the raven is culturally a highly spiritual animal, a messenger that communicates between worlds. Nature is intricate to native spirituality.

But if we can look at this bird without any cultural background, just as it is, ravens are actually extremely intelligent birds that have been compared to dolphins and whales; they certainly have nothing to do with death or other dark ideas. Concepts such as “bad or dark” do not exist in nature. Nature is our mother, we simply cannot sustain ourselves without it. This is a fact. There is no reason to see my wild woman series as a dark series when you know and understand this.

Wild woman story is still unfolding.

To me her existence represents the purest most primal mystical life. Her total connection with the elements, her response to the call despite of the challenges, her confidence and trust, coupled with her vulnerability and sensitivity: to me, all these are aspects of a dedicated life on the way to be free and happy.

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