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The Secret To Abundance (From An Artist!)

Gaia Orion ArtistNow let’s be straight forward: I simply hate these kind of titles but in life I can actually see the point when I always felt broke and when, next, I felt abundance. I want to talk about this subject because this theme of ‘being broke’ is such an issue for most artists, and as I said, this was a problem I had too. The truth is when the shift happened, my income didn’t really go up. It was more like a paradigm shift.


I’ve met people that were taking courses, trying various teachings to bring abundance to their life… from vision boards (with pictures of  millionaire’s mansion), ‘rolling in money’ rituals, posting affirmations all over one’s house etc… First of all, as far as I  know, none of them have moved on to be millionaires, but then what struck me is that they didn’t realize how much they already had…

I can relate to this state because I used to be in it all the time. One day I could finally see my limiting pattern, I could hear my voice, kind of whinny, ‘it’s so hard to survive in this world.’ I felt my body contracting as I was paying my groceries, ‘This is so much money I can’t afford it’.

Like a meditation practice, the noticing and the feeling – with no judgement- is the simple key to insight and liberation.

What happened next is that I relaxed. Of course I can afford groceries. In our western world, 99% of us have way more than we ‘need’. Our drawers are full of stuff; overflowing with things for every occasion, mood, day and time of the year. Our fridges are regularly stocked with an incredible variety of foods. If we were truly broke, all we would be eating is rice, beans, cabbage and corn all year long, and with no special sauce or cheese on it.

From this point, everything changed for me. When I sold my art I didn’t feel bad about receiving money, because the truth is that my limiting patterns were also affecting my ability to ‘receive’.

So here is my key to abundance and by the way it is not a ‘secret’!

How about gratitude? The majority of people in our western world, including myself, are already abundant. Let’s face it, if you live in a developed nation with a roof over your head and food in your belly, you won the human lottery. How can we expand to wanting anything more if we can’t even see that. If we don’t see it then that pursuit of more will be endless, because what we’re running after is not abundance but desire… and unchecked desire will never be fulfilled… but that’s for another article!

In the meantime, before that next article, I would love to hear about your experiences on the subject. Have you followed courses on abundance? Did it work? Maybe I am missing something! What is your relationship with this abundance concept that is so popular these days?

Thank you for reading my blog… I am grateful!


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  1. I think you’re entirely correct. The practice of gratitude as a way of living opens us up to seeing how very much there is in our lives.

    • I’m always broke…I am working from outside my country Philippines. Just sending my earn. I’ve been trying to be there “abundance” that we all saying and most of people wanted to achieved. However, its just don’t get it in my pocket. And sometimes I get frustrated because I cannot start what I wanted to start. To own a little business! But then I come to realized “just be greatful for what I have”. I do sometimes frustration…feel it! But I think I’m trying to master the art of moderation now Im still learning… And wanted to write in a book while I’m currently learning.

      • The most important is that we are learning all the time from these difficulties, it’s a lifetime journey to get it ‘right’… whatever ‘right’ is!

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