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The power and potential of facebook: A great tool for artists

facebook-gaia-orionThere are a two blogs on art marketing that I really like to follow.

1. The Artrepreneur by Renee Phillips. She is the director of from Manhattan Arts International and The Healing Power of Art. Her e-book “How To Create Successful Art Events ” is a very important reference that I have been using for developping my art career.

2. Jason Horejs is the director of Xanadu gallery in Scottdale, Arizona. I enjoy immensely his view from a gallery owner on the art business on his blog Red Dot Blog and his videos .

Earlier this year Jason gave a live video presentation on the subject of facebook for artists. I realised then that I knew a lot on the subject! So I will share what I have learned in my 2 years of using facebook to share my art.

Befriend The Concept

Before I stepped into the world of facebook I had a huge prejudice against it. For me it looked like a platform for bored people that share useless empty information to virtual friends. My experience is that it is like any tool: it’s about how we use it.

A Great Tool For Artists

The core of facebook is about sharing information. If you are an artist you are lucky because you can provide visual content which is likely to be shared by others. Also, the creative process of artist interests people so you will be a positive contributor to other’s feeds. I constantly get positive feedback on the quality of my posts.

An Amazing Platform For Networking

Being an artist involves a lot of time in the studio alone and places like facebook allow us to be in touch with fellow artists, curators, galleries, journalists, magazines, businesses, associations and potential clients. By following what others are doing you get to know what’s happening in your field. If you contribute to conversations, comment appropriately on posts, others will get to know who you are. All these connections are fostered from the comfort of our studio!

Facebook Does Show Who You Are

Our posts, photos and artwork will give a window into who we are in a more intimate and immediate way than our website does. It is a great complement to a professional website that helps people know the artist on a day to day basis. There is no need to share photos of our suppers, our kids, our dog or much of our personal life. As a full-time professional artist I am always surprised about how much content I have to share.

The Potential Of Facebook

When I realised the great potential of facebook I got really excited. Some people or businesses have a large following and being active on social media gives you the possibility of being shared on these large platforms. People are looking for content to share, so if you provide good quality content, there is a good chance that it will be shared and that it will spread.

The next benefit of facebook is to help organizing events. When I organized my solo exhibition in Paris I spent a lot of time reaching out to people and businesses on facebook to ask them if they could share my invitation. I reached a very large population  that had similar interests by doing this. Like I said most pages are looking for content to share and if what you do complements their work and vision, they will be happy to connect and support you. I do this for others too. There is a good camaraderie among kindred spirits and this can be very useful when organizing an event.

Be Patient

It is better to have the right friends and fans than having thousands of them that are not interested in your work. The value of places like facebook is that we can now connect with people worldwide that have similar interests even if results are not immediate they are worth the effort.

Don’t  Waste Time On It!

It is easy to end up spending way too much time online. It is important to discipline ourselves as much as possible. I’ve caught myself watching a cute puppy video and then a funny grandma etc… 30 minutes have passed and I still have not created my post! I have to keep in mind that my focus is to paint and share my art. Distractions of life are definitely a big challenge for artists… well I am guessing it is for anyone!

I will write part two in August with basic facebook tips that I have learned along the way. In the meantime you can check and follow my facebook page Gaia Orion Art

and visit my website

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