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The New Conscious World

Mother Nature by Gaia OrionI call my art “visionary art that participates in the new conscious world” . Visionary Art means Contemporary Sacred Art and that is the best term that I could find to describe my work. Sacred and ancient forms of art of cultures from all ages have always fascinated me.

And about The New Conscious World: There has been a lot of hype over the “new world” with the recent December 21st, 2012 end of the Mayan calendar. This is not what I refer to because if we inquire into that Mayan story there are quite a few speculated dates for the end of that calendar. And as we all have witnessed, December 21st, 2012 was just another day, another end of the world/new beginning  like all the other ones that came throughout humanity’s history. Every now and then some cult, prophet or teacher predicts the coming of a new era or the end of all. It is really our intrinsic fear of death that brings out this social phenomena. The fact that we have been experiencing a social and media attention over this shift is actually a good thing.

We all know it: constructive change is needed, more than ever.

Humanity has displayed destructive, barbaric behaviour for thousands of years but we are coming to a no-return point. We are multiplying and ever consuming and we continue to relentlessly destroy our non-renewable essential resources; this sickness will have to end as our planet can simply not sustain it. There is no more controversy or debate about the fact that humans are causing drastic climate changes and we all see its direct effects. Radical change is desperately needed and many people are working very actively to bring out real solutions to all our planetary challenges. We have the knowledge, the intelligence, and the capacity to ‘fix’ the problems of hunger, disparity, the energy crisis, pollution, diseases, political and social injustice and corruption.

Sacred Change by Gaia Orion for www.sacredchange.comSimilarly, in our personal lives, we each know what to do to live healthy and harmoniously but we continue to eat harmful foods, deprive ourselves of sleep, overwork, overdo, stressing our whole being, harming body and spirit simultaneously. It takes inquiry into one self to understand these self-inflicted destructive tendencies.

In conjunction with ‘fixing’ our planet, let’s address our personal lives as well, one step at a time; that is the only way to do it as fixing the whole planet is simply too big a job for each individual. It will be the combined energy of those that are doing the inner personal work that will heal the Earth.

With my life, my art, this is what I do: participate in that movement toward health, that movement of positive change for a new conscious world.

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