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The Magic Unfolding

I have been painting for about 10 years and just now that I am starting to see a thread among my images, like stories unfolding simultaneously. Each idea for a new painting comes for a reason in my life, in its own way (for more insights on this you may want to read my “How do you get your inspiration” article). It is only later on that I realise how some paintings are strongly connected and are presenting themes and series.

Moon Ritual - Oil on Canvas - 24"x24"

Moon Ritual – Oil on Canvas – 24″x24″

I Have A Dream - 92x92cm Acrylic on Canvas

I Have A Dream – 92x92cm Acrylic on Canvas

In 2009, a large painting of it was on my studio’s wall as I was working on a new piece: I Have A Dream, which came to me as I was working on a logo for a client. It also appeared to me the night that Barak Obama was elected for the first time -which to me was a big exciting political moment (By the way when I say that, it always becomes a political discussion and I know all this could be discussed… but to me the mere fact that a black American was elected to be in White House’s office was a breakthrough.)

I then painted a large sun shining, symbolizing pure intention surrounded by trees representing a flourishing  society. I realised that I Have A Dream (trees going outward from the sun) was a twin of my Moon Ritual (trees coming inward toward the moon) since they were hanging right across the room, facing each other.

I never imagined that these 2 paintings would get a triplet!

Equilibrium - Oil on Canvas 61x61cm

Equilibrium – Oil on Canvas 61x61cm

This last winter, I created Equilibrium, inspired by the work of my friend Tristan Lecomte and his company Pur Projet. They protect and re-plant forests all over the world. So now I have women trees surrounding the Earth!

Moon-Sun-Earth: The three main astrals of our earthly existence!

 Magic unfolding such as this happens very often in my creative process and it makes me so excited about painting more. What will I create in the next 20 and 30 years? What will the story tell me next? What will it further teach me? And most of all what will it surprise me with?

I will keep you posted!

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