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The impact of my Free! painting

Free-GaiaFree!  is one of my very first original paintings. I had no idea of the power she emanated when I created her.

As an artist it is very hard to see our art in an objective manner. For many years I could never really ‘see’ her for who she was. One day I was having a healing session done on me and my Free! image came really clear into my mind’s eyes. Only then I fully saw her: ecstatic, totally uninhibited and open like a butterfly; her outline is strong and soft and gentle at the same time which makes her also sensual. She is not just ‘walking’ on water… she is running on water, and reaching for the moon at the same time! I sobbed when I realised I created all of that in that simple image. We are all destined, no exception, to reach for our highest potential in the universe of endless possibilities.

When I took my artwork to the world, she was like a hit song would have been if I was a singer. She brought smiles, laughter and tears from many people.

I always felt that the title I gave her was just as important as the image itself. Imagine if I called her “Leaping over the waves”, she certainly would have the impact she has by being Free!

There were one problem with the title I noticed though: I caught people twice last year walking out of my booth with a small print of her, they clearly were not going to pay. They genuinely and innocently told me that they thought she was for free! I wonder now how many people did the same all these years and I just never noticed until now!

Art is probably one of the activities that allows the most freedom and creativity. When I create, I can feel it in my body. I just got back to my regular routine of painting 2 to 5 hours a day after a busy summer going to shows and festivals. I had many pains in my body from working hard until before I got to painting. I feel so good and so happy right now and continue to be inspired to embody my very special Free spirit.

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