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The Creation Of Herstory

First sketch

First sketch

I am always in the process of working on three or four pieces of commissioned artwork. Most of the time it is for businesses but sometimes it is more personal like in this case. Below is the first email my client sent when she approached me to co-create this painting:

“I dream of a painting about the woman that is still hiding in me. I want it to have a symbolic place in my life. To give you an idea of how special this painting will be: if there were a war and I would have to go in exodus, I would take this painting with me under my arm. You would see me on the road with my bags and my painting. It will be with me when I give my last breath to the world and by my side underneath the ground when I would have left this life.

The idea for this painting is arriving as I am giving birth to a new woman in me. I just left the company I was working for to start my own business and all my fears are activated and overwhelm me:

“you are crazy;”

“you’ll never make it happen;”

“you can’t do it”



It’s an incredible mix of beliefs: the incapable woman (a woman can’t do anything, she doesn’t know anything, she is weak, she can’t succeed…) and the forbidden woman (yes you will succeed but it is forbidden, it’s bad, a woman must compensate a man she shouldn’t shine on her own, you are a sinner…). I have to say that it is incredibly uncomfortable but I know it is worth it: The opportunities to redefine all the invisible beliefs that have been transmitted silently during the past millenniums must reveal themselves and shout out!

So here is how I dream of this painting:

In the centre, it’s a circle with an all powerful woman. She walks, she arrives. The circle is like a tunnel that she is coming out of. I like the idea of a walking stick in her hand, a female wolf with thick fur and yellow eyes is by her side (she is her totem, a female wolf is sensual, motherly, calm and strong). She has the energy of your first wild woman painting which I love. She has walked a long time and have a long way to go. She is animated by a night bird and by thousands of bright colours. One day I heard “you are a spring woman” and I was dressed with wild grasses and flowers of many colours. I was powerful, assured, calm and I was serving life. I was walking. Maybe the corners of the painting could be used to represent the various stages of my life:

Motherhood: Children are in their full energy, one child breastfeeds.

Loving a man: two powerful beings that face each other, a sacred union.

Celebration of life in all its diversity.

The power of the invisible spirits.

Different faces: childhood, adolescence, womanhood, an old woman.

The old woman is beautiful, she is a completion with light!

I want this painting to be a witness of all of that, it will remind me of my true nature, it will be my guide when I am lost, my reminder. What I am sure of is that it will feel like fireworks, like an explosion of life!

I deeply know that you can do this. I am so happy to be co-birthing this with you, another woman, to give birth to a woman!”


Her Story was created for Suzanne Lafont. Founder of Déclik, France. This painting won an award of excellence for the ‘Her Story’ competition by Manhattan Arts International, U.S.A.

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