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The AGO: A leader ahead of their time

When I started my art career I decided that the contemporary art world was not for me. Despite not fitting in the surrounding art scene, with hard work, determination and internet I found ways to build my own following. I organized my own exhibitions and people came to them. I’ve been making a living from my art for 12 years and have shown my work all over the planet.

Until a few years ago most of the contemporary art appeared to me like languishing variations of Marcel Duchamp’s work: a blend of absurdity, highly conceptual and intellectual creations, devoid of beauty and meaning, lacking transcendental qualities. The history of humanity has always been told by artists through their carvings, drawings, images on pottery, sculpture, paintings, music, poetry. So in a way the contemporary art world of the past 50 years is just what it should be: It represents our culture which is highly materialistic, which puts intellect over emotions and intuition, which is disconnected from nature. It represents a world in which humans have lost their own ‘true nature’ (in the Buddhist sense of the term).

I find that artists like me and people that appreciate our art are all seekers and actors of change. They strive to bring meaning in their lives, to be healthy physically, psychologically, and spiritually. They are sensitive, curious, and open. They are fully engaged with life. To me they are visionaries that are working hard from the interior and the exterior realms to build a better world.

I am excited because I have now seen many events and exhibitions curated and organized by the AGO (Art Gallery of Ontario) that are exactly about all of that.

Recent exhibitions that I loved were Art As Therapy and Mystical Landscapes exhibits (click here to read an article I wrote about this exhibition), the Creative Minds lectures at Massey Hall and the current Yayoi Kusama  Infinity Mirrors exhibition.

Mystical Landscapes (which travelled to the Musée d’Orsay in Paris) was one of the most attended exhibit in years. Is this a sign of our times? I have no doubt that it is. In a world full of stress, we are looking for some relief, peace and inspiration. The human soul is craving to be fed healthy ‘food’ and what’s better than art to fill the void! I am excited to have found my place in the art world after all. Art has a long history of inspiring awe and elevating consciousness from the drawing in the caves, archetypes carved into rocks, decorations of temples and churches, all the Renaissance artists, up to the modern paintings of Chagall, Monet, Van Gogh, Kandinsky and Paul Klee.

“What counts the most is not the work itself, but the course of one’s spirit throughout one’s entire life” Joan Miró

Our world is a big mess and urgency to ‘fix it’ is in the air. Art has always been a catalyst for societal change so kudos to the AGO for being a leader at the edge of culture. As for me I’ll get back to my easel right now and keep going more inspired than ever!

Are you a change leader of the art world? Do you recognize yourself in this article? If yes write a comment so that we can know about what you do!


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