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The Advantages of Being an Artist Today

FairyLake 2010 Coat&SnowEmailUnless you are born in a family of artists, most heard that “being an artist” is not a real job and that if this is what we really want to do we are mostly doomed to living in poverty. Then today you will hear that the good times are over, this is the crisis, people don’t buy art, even galleries are having a hard time selling original art.

I’ve been doing my art professionally for 8 years now and I think this is a wonderful time for artists with many opportunities and tools that were not available to us 10 years ago.

Before internet, artists could only rely on galleries and people they knew to sell and get  their name out. Our territory was limited, we had to make appointments, show up with our portfolio. It could take years to create professional relationships that would advance our career.

Today, anybody can find your website; the potential clientele is worldwide. You can sell your work directly. You can create our own prints at reasonable cost, you can even print your art on all kind of items and share your art in many creative ways.*

For reaching a broader audience, you have social media tools, forums, online groups and videos that can gradually build your reputation as a professional artist. The Internet is a great tool to network with like minded people from all over the world! For all these reasons I think it is actually a great time for artists!

*I created a line of miniature art prints made into jewelry, all is made with non-toxic eco materials. To see the collection you can go to

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