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Retreats 2021 – From Your Uterus to Your Paintbrushes with Gaia Orion and Karine Nivon


YOUR FACILITATORS: Gaia Orion and Karine Nivon (Psychotherapist specializing in women’s intimacy from France )


5 days in France July 4-8

CAN$745 (+ food and lodging)


5 days in Southern France July 4-8 (La Danse des Papillons, La Roche Saint Secret – Drôme) – Exact time coming soon

*If lockdown measures prevent us from travelling, they will offer you an online option.

retreat from your uterus to your paintbrushes with Gaia Orion and Karine Nivon


The uterus is our main creativity centre.

When we nurture our relationship with this place of inner power we allow hidden aspects of our being to be revealed.

‘Sexpansion’: This retreat is a time away to heal, to find peace, to just be, in the deep places of our sexuality and personal intimacy.

No artistic skills are necessary to attend this course! We will connect with the natural spontaneity and joy that had when we were children. We will play with a variety of art mediums to witness what wants to manifest! Drawing and painting helps us visualize our ideas and give them form. It assists us with our journey toward health and wholeness.

This retreat, co-facilitated by Gaia and Karine, is an invitation to explore and reveal your artist’s spirit.

We will support your journey with various body movements, energetical exercises, tantric practices and meditation. The process will help open new doors towards your natural creativity, to deepen your relationship with the Source, where all inspiration arises from.

We will have plenty of sharing circles and opportunities to meet with Karine and Gaia individually so that you can feel supported during the whole process.

Creativity is a tool that can be used for any life project, artistic or otherwise. The practice makes you become the creator of your life!


The number of participants is limited so you are invited to sign up as soon as possible. This will also allow you to reflect on what want to emerge during the retreat time.

For all other questions: Please contact Gaia: [email protected]


From lockdown to freedom of being and joy of creating, we will explore the energies of our uterus and allow our feminine nature to flourish. Our uterus will be our anchor and our dream catcher so that we can travel outside of time and space during our time together.

“I experienced this course as a journey, a return to the source, to my origins, and far beyond, to memories buried, locked down, tied up inside my cave, my uterus. I experienced these 5 days like an intimate, moving, touching, healing reconnection to all the women that  I am. I felt, for the first time, even in my cells, this liberation, this DARE TO BE!

So YES…. YES, and THANKS to you, Gaïa, Karine, for the magic that you bestow with kindness and generosity from the tips of your respective wands and brushes!!!”

Nathalie Ponsonnet


“The uterus, center of creativity? I wasn’t convinced. Until I lived it.  I experienced these vibrations, this dazzling emergence, which sprung from my inner being. Thank you, thank you for this learning!”

Adélise Fromion


“What a great experience! To free myself from old patterns, to ‘burn’ them and let them go up in smoke, to finally and totally get rid of them, to say goodbye to them!

I reconnected with the little girl within, I licked the paint and I played with colors, it was delightful to cut and glue and laugh, rumble and roar!

I stopped thinking about what others may think, I was able to fly free, dance, dream and laugh! I regained my power, my strength, my life! I found a bunch of jewels that have been with me forever. They allowed me to truly draw.
Thank you so much”

Isabelle Le Vourch

Language Trainer for Adults

“I really enjoyed the harmony of the duo Karine and Gaia.
Karine takes us into our interiority, into our body, step by step. Gaia allows us to bring our interiority to the outside through our daily art sessions.

I have awoken the creative power of my womb, of my Source.

The group times during which we exchanged were very important to the process. It was beautiful to consciously welcome the other women  and witness each other in our uniqueness.

It was a deep and joyful retreat.”

Sophie de Lavigerie


“There is no more beautiful gift
Than to let ourselves bloom day after day
With all its might
To smell its true scent
To let Creation pass through us
Let our Feminine vibrate
Let our Divine emanate…
I enjoyed painting the vibrations of my deep femininity, connecting to my uterus, to my ultimate centre of creativity.
With the meditations, the dancing, the silence…. My Soul felt immense joy expressing ‘Who I Am’ with colors with different art materials. Thanks to your support dear Karine and Gaïa.”

Diana Lee


“What a joy it is to feel space and presence within my body with my creativity.
I loved to experiment, to discover, to let myself be guided in this creative energy, to surprise myself and even to feel destabilized sometimes.
Gaia and Karine form a beautiful duo to accompany this journey with such care and attention. Thank you”

Marie Boîteau

Massage Therapist

“It was wonderful to find myself through creativity. I was able to express so much and I can now share more freely with the world. I was finally able to unleash my potential for joy and colours!  Living this experience in a group was particularly beneficial, I felt very close to all the women, a true sisterhood was built throughout the 5 days. I am very grateful to Gaia Orion and Karine Nivon and I can only highly recommend to anyone this beautiful adventure!”

Sandy Mandin

Life Adventurer


La Danse des Papillons (The Dance of the Butterflies) is located among lavender fields in the region of Drôme, France. You will fall in love with this sacred place, the delicious local food, the energy of the river flowing among the rocks under the open sky.


If you have any questions email Gaia [email protected]

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