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Gaia Orion is an artist, a creativity coach, a corporate coach and a speaker.

Her personal life is one of transformation: It started when she and her husband, with three young children at home, decided to quit their job in 1998. From there they created a life where all their focus was on being present for their children, growing together as a couple, self development, dedicating time to meditation, and with art-making at the center of all of that!

With her art she can say that the images that have flowered have assisted her own personal development as an engaged woman in the 21st century. In sharing the artwork and connecting with others she discovered that her transformational images are part of a larger visionary movement that is active in society today… as deep ecology, social justice, conscious politic, alternative economy, and so on… 

In only 10 years she has developed a successful international career. As a corporate coach and a creativity coach, she mentors people to both find their creativity and take their art career to the next level.


Here are Gaia’s most requested talks:

Ignite Your Creativity

When creativity is present our skills for approaching inevitable change increase dramatically whether it’s needed in our personal lives or at the work place. Artist Gaia Orion will share her understanding of how everyone is creative and show how she organizes her life to allow time for the creative process. She will also invite you to reflect about ways that you can bring creativity within to shine and flourish in all areas of your life.


The Power the Feminine

With the support of some of her powerful feminine paintings artist Gaia Orion engages you to question what stops from being fully powerful women at all levels of our lives. She will share her own journey of stepping into her full woman-ness as a mother, a wife, an entrepreneur, a spiritual seeker and an artist.


A Brush of Change

Gaia’s personal journey is a story of change. With her art she has found a way to share deeply with people and take part in the global movement of conscious change.

What kind of brush do you use? A pen? A violin? Your voice? Your body? Your computer? Are you at a point where you are using your brush for change or are you still working on finding your own voice? In this conference the artist will invite you to question how you can be ‘the change you want to see in the world.’


How to lead a successful art career

Gaia Orion is a professional artist with an international career. Many artists would like to bring revenue with their creations but don’t know where to start. She shares  her personal experience and give many examples on how one can work on the business side of their art practice.


Here is a video of one of her recent speaking engagements in Boulder, Colorado:

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“I had the pleasuring of facilitating a panel on Integral Art and Aesthetics at the Integral Europe Conference 2016 in Hungary. Gaia Orion was one of the featured experts on the panel and brought a lively, intelligent and passionate consideration to the topic. Using evocative images and examples the participants were visibly moved by her engaging presentation style.”  

Suzanne Anderson: Author The Way of the Mysterial Woman, Psychologist

“The Orillia Fine Arts Association (OFAA) welcomed Gaia Orion – Visionary, Artist and Lecturer to share her artistic journey on how she builds the business side of her career that led her to reach international success. She captivated, inspired and engaged the audience with her humour and passion. As a gifted speaker her passion to “Live the life you dream of, especially if it’s making a living off your art!” was like a mantra.”

As a Visionary, Gaia is a vehicle for sending a powerful message through her work and a true gift to our ever changing reality. Her passion inspires others.

Shimera Dione from the Orillia Fine Arts Association 



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