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Saturday May 13th from 2 pm to 4:30 pm

Join Gaia for a unique intimate creative experience before the opening reception of her solo show.

Creativity is essential if we wish to feel the full vitality of being alive. But to be creative doesn't necessarily mean you have to be a fine artist. It simply means you're open to exploring the possibilities in your own life and being willing to express them in your own unique manner.

 To attend this highly engaging and interactive workshop there is no need to have an artistic inclination. Curiosity, openness, trust, and readiness to be enchanted are what will assist your process.

 This workshop is an invitation to use creativity as an avenue for:

  • cultivating presence and aliveness; 
  • generating insights;
  • and awakening a sense of meaning in everything you do.

FEE: 40€ - Art material included