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One Of My Paintings… Lost And (Not) Found

Gaia Orion

Gaia Orion being interviewed in Hungary with her ‘lost and (not) found’ painting behind her.

I was on my way back from Hungary where I exhibited my art at the Integral European Conference. I had been travelling from early in the morning with a heavy suitcase, a backpack and my rolled painting in hand. Every time I got out of the taxi, sat down at the airport café, boarded in the plane, etc… all day I checked and doubled checked that all three items were with me at every move.

Around 4pm, I was in the RER (Parisian fast subway), I exited to transit to the subway, changed the subway twice, walked 10 minutes to get to my sister’s place, climbed 6 flights of stairs, dropped off my stuff, chatted with my sister for 30min… and only then I realised I didn’t have my painting with me. What struck me the most in that whole ordeal is that I felt no contraction inside at that moment. Even my sister mentioned she was surprised how I reacted so casually about it. I just said, “Where is my painting? I must have left it in the RER. Oh well!”

This is not to say that I didn’t care about this piece of artwork. I had spent 100h of work on it, it was for sale for $5,000.

This may sound a bit far fetched, but my feeling is that ‘I did it on purpose’; it feels as if this is my Integral Map painting’s destiny (yes it is a ‘map’, maybe it can find its own way!). I’d like to mention that my painting was a spiral mandala recounting the story of the evolution of life and humanity since the big bang, so this is not just any painting!

The mystery continues: someone contacted me after seeing my fb post about this to tell me that another ‘sacred’ object had been lost in Paris about a year ago.

A spiritual grandfather from Guatemala, Don Alejandro, left a bag containing his precious oracle (used for ceremonies) on a sidewalk as he climbed into a taxi. He also reported that he only realised the loss later in the day and that he felt that it was meant to happen.

Both Don Alejandro and I feel that the objects are ‘where they are supposed to be’…. but it doesn’t mean we are giving up on finding them!

The inquiry – in all its dimensions – is open.

In the meantime, I love to think that my Integral Map is now one of these mystery lost artworks that will be found one day in an attic in a few generations!

I would be very grateful if you felt compelled to share this story, maybe you know some media or blogs that would like to talk about it. Anything that contributes to help switch the title of the article to ‘lost and found’ is welcome!

Note: If you are interested in reading about the creation of this painting click here


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