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Gaia Orion PhotoOriginally from Paris, France, my life is a simple story of adventure, love, healing and awakening…
In the mid 90’s, as a university student at Ecole des Beaux Arts, I found myself to be somewhat unconscious in my lifestyle. I had a life full of baguettes, chocolate, coffee and cigarettes; had no concern for the environment; and was quite insensitive and unaware of my feelings and psychology. Though through all of this, there was a part of me that was sincere in my search for wholeness.
I decided to move to Spain for a year to continue my studies and it is from there that alone I embarked in a backpacking holiday in Morocco. While on a bus from Essaouira I met a Canadian man named Dolphin and spent several days with him in Marrakesh. It was an instant falling in love … and it lasted! It was like if we were meant to meet in this place at this unexpected time.

Our lives were so far, so different. Dolphin was 14 years older and had years of introspection and inner work behind him. He was living in a farm house north of Toronto with 4 cats and a dog, he worked in a factory making pop, enjoying all the laid off time to write music, poetry and enjoy nature. Despite the numerous differences, our hearts were definitely strongly connected. We flew back and forth across the ocean for two years, got engaged on top of a volcano in Guatemala and were married in France at my grandmother’s humble castle.3 Kids! Fourteen months after being married, moving to Canada and having a young son, we had twin girls! The instant family was overwhelming considering we hardly even lived together until then.
Dolphin had a 3 months parental leave from work. The night before he was going back to the factory, we went to Toronto to hear a conference from Brian Clement from the Hippocrates Health Institute from Florida. His talk was really inspiring. It was about how far are we willing to go to live at a 100% health level, to live fully.
When we came back home that night we looked at each other’s eyes and knew that he wouldn’t go back to work the next day.
He called in the morning to say that he quit his job.
We didn’t like making a living with a job that makes you feel miserable – physically with night shifts in a loud and unnatural environment, psychologically with a negative work team, and spiritually because you give up your spirit and creativity for a meaningless pay cheque at the end of the month. Some people called quitting ‘courage’, most people called us ‘immature’ and ‘crazy’, we just knew it was the only way. We didn’t know what we would do to survive but realized we wanted to live from our hearts and be with our children.
I think there is a universal law that when you follow your heart the universe will bring you everything you need to achieve your deep calling.
I was growing sprouts and sold a few bags in the nearby market and Dolphin was dyeing baggy cotton shorts and selling them in the street in Toronto.
Sprouts For LifeTwo years later we had 2 home businesses. Sprouts For Life a certified organic sprout operation, growing wheat grass, sunflower sprouts and hydroponics for most health food stores in Toronto and area.

Family in front of our Booth

And The Funky Clothesline, a hand dyed and painted clothing business, selling colourful clothes all summer long at craft shows and festivals throughout Ontario.
Five years hence both these successful enterprises demanded too much attention. Again we decided to simplify, possibly have ‘less’ monetarily but more qualitatively in terms of family and personal time. We sold the sprout business, moved to a quiet place on a river in a bush, and for the past three years have the winters off for self-exploration. We now spend most of our time with our kids. By giving them the most from us, we get jut as much in exchange through their natural understanding of life and wisdom, the instant mirroring of our negativities. By working at being better parents, we end up being better persons.
Home By The RiverThe sprout business gave us health and knowledge with our bodies. We still grow a lot of sprouts for our whole family, drink wheat grass juice daily, do regular fasts and cleanses. Fresh air, pure water and nature make our life blessed at the health level.
The inspiration and the art sprung up out of these quiet times of introspection.
As the time goes we are living from the heart as much as possible, working to have integrated mindful days including healthy homemade foods, meditation, yoga, walks and quality time with our children.
Living a freer, less busy, less cluttered life opened a channel in me that allowed the inspiration ‘flow’. Through art, I have found my way of sharing with the world and connecting deeply with people. I focuss on living well at all levels of the body, mind, spirit and in relationships to simply let the intelligence and beauty of this universe come through in the images.

I’ve been meeting a lot of free spirits lately that took the same road and are successful at hearts, and to whom the universe has provided.
I only wish my story to inspire any soul out there that is wondering if there is another way of life that is really about living.

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  1. Hi Gaia!

    Happy New Year. What a wonderful blog. – I am looking forward to reading more.

    So many life lessons to be experienced and enjoyed. I have two that constantly crop up to me. The first is that every thing I need and I mean really need, is here on my beautiful little farm. The other is that regardless of the situation, there is always a choice for me to make. I always have a choice. Sometimes I don’t like the choices, but just the same, it is my privledge to make them!

    Be well Gaia. Call me and let me know where you are living in town – I would love to come over for a tea and a chat.

    Much Love

  2. WAY more fun than working in any factory. 🙂 Hi to Dolphin. Cheers!

  3. Your story is an inspiration! I loved reading it. It is the second story in succession that I’ve read this morning about stepping into the ‘abyss’ and being totally supported by the universe. I believe there is a message in both stories for me and for others. Thank you and Dolphin for being beacons of light in the world. By the way, I love, love, love your art! Blessings, All Ways ~ Jenna

  4. Thanks for sharing your beautiful story, you have inspired me. A lot of people now are going through a journey and im happy to see that some have took the final steps and started to live life to the full,

    I enjoy reading your blogs and your art is beautiful and healing. All the best to you and your family xx

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