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Mystical Landscapes: A Revelation

I’ve been a professional artist for over 10 years now and this emerging period of my career has been mainly focused on ‘finding my family in the art world’. I’ve written a few articles on this process but the truth is that this search keeps unfolding.

Earlier this year the AGO (Art Gallery of Ontario) put on an exhibition called Mystical Landscapes. I was already excited about the title but it became almost like a revelation to me when I heard  Katharine Lochnan, curator of the exhibition, talk on a CBC program called Tapestry. This radio program describes themselves like this: “Tapestry exists to go deep. We investigate the messy, complicated, and sometimes absurd nature of life, through the lenses of psychology, philosophy, religion and spirituality.” You can imagine that it is a show that I love listening to!

When I listened to the program (listen to the interview with Katharine Lochnan) I felt that I was finally hearing someone from the contemporary art world speaking a language that I could relate to. It rekindled my dreams of reconnecting the arts to the quest of truth and beauty in the world. With this exhibition this is not a dream anymore, I can now say that it is happening!

Mystical Landscapes also travelled to the Musée d’Orsay in Paris where, like in Toronto, it set a record for attendance. This clearly shows that the public needs and wants their soul to be nourished by art. The success I have experienced with my own career was already proving this but now my intuition is confirmed by this exhibition that was in two major world museums.

Needless to say, I am thrilled!

Since the dawn of humanity artists have acted as beacons telling the ‘stories’ of each period of time. Who are the artists that will tell the story of our changing times today? Where are the artists bringing back beauty, inspiration and renewing spirituality into the edge of culture when our world in crisis needs it the most? Where did the spirit of the Old Masters, of Money, Chagall, Kandinsly go? The contemporary art world has been representing the industrial revolution, the modernism, the post modernism, removing spirit out of every aspect of life, showing us an art that has become so much non-sense and a commodity for the ultra rich to get richer.

Lunar Awakening – Oil on canvas – 20″ x 40″

There’s a lot of conscious creativity being cultivated today: Sustainable environmental initiatives, social justice reform, alternative economics…consciousness-based business practices. I see individuals and leaders of change who came out to the world with their own unique visions and talents only when they were ready…which is now profoundly transforming our world-at-large.

This is a profound time for change and an important time for all of us to access and express our greatest potential regardless of our chosen field. Artists are natural visionaries, and we need their creativity to illuminate and inspire… and through kinetic expression they show what the world we want to live in looks like.

In the words of my kindred friend and colleague U.K. artist Jennifer Baird: “Our art is rich and deep and inseparable from our spiritual development and evolutionary path. And not just our own paths, as we both strive to exude those magical vibes of aesthetic radiance into the developing paradigm of human awakening.”

I am excited to be alive today, I love my life journey and how it took me to be an artist when I would have never imagined it happened. I took care of my own ‘soul garden’ and the images flowered out of my heart and mind like a natural intelligent movement. Now I have the privilege of being alive in a place where I can watch the world awaken, it is subtle, it is slow, but in the middle of the big mess we’ve made, it is definitely happening!

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