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My connection to the word “spirituality”


Autumn Reflection

As I am writing this article I am immersed in what I feel is the  most spiritual place: nature. I am camping on a point, on a lake among the spectacular colours of autumn in Ontario, Canada. Last time my husband went to this spot, I love what he said when he came back: “Gaia, I feel like I have been on a meditation retreat, but this is not it; It is when we meditate that we feel  like it is to be in nature!”… no wonder Buddhist teachings always talk about finding our true nature. In our cities and busy lives we certainly are disconnected from any true nature!

When immersed in nature, all the clutter from our human brain starts to dissipate. The rhythm of the day is slow, simple and basic. There is no distraction, it is quiet, peaceful and naturally harmonious. Slowly within this absolutely perfect environment the toxic thoughts and harmful stresses of our unnatural lives go away; our whole being starts tuning with the surroundings. We feel alive in all our senses, the untouched beauty beats any religious architectural gem of the world. This is my church where I pray by simply breathing.

The thread that connects all my paintings is this connection to nature and spirit. It is found in:


– Wholeness series with the intricate geometric and harmonious patterns also manifested in nature from the microcosm to the macrocosm of life.

Favorite-Tree-Gaia-Orion–  In The Quiet series and its depiction of simple nature scenes with a single person (or a tribe of nomads) connecting with the silence and vastness of the world.

– Silhouettes series with the drawings of my people in their most ecstatic free natural state.Free-Gaia-Orion

Raven-Call-Gaia-Orion– Wild Woman series with the story of wild woman on a quest at the most primal mystical state possible.

– Nudes series presenting outrageous nudes, showing our body with no judgment or cultural censoring, letting be natural as it is.Bare Bottom B

In seeing all these aspects of my art you can feel that it is basically with my bare feet on the ground, feeling the pulse of Mother Earth that I most connect with the word spirituality.


  1. I totally understand what you are feeling and also have a very strong connection to our incredible earth, it’s important to take the time to reacquaint ourselves with our earth mother, life giver.
    Blessings Christine

    • Christine, of course you understand! You are the pure example of someone that is connected to the earth!

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