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Click here to download press release. It was redacted for the solo exhibit “The Call: A Brush For Change” in Boulder, Colorado

Honorary Committee of the solo exhibit “The Call: A Brush For Change” in Boulder, Colorado :



GAIA ORION, Parisian born Canadian artist, acclaimed for her uplifting bold-colored multi-level symbolic paintings, moved to rural Ontario Canada twenty years ago, and today is an internationally exhibited and awarded visionary artist and voice for the times.

“We are living in an ultra-fast changing, challenging time.  Beautiful things are happening and horrifying things are happening. By looking at all of it, we ask ourselves: How do I feel about this? How can I find balance, happiness, peace within myself while keeping my eyes wide open? What can I do about it? My brush is my pen, my microphone, my mind, my heart, my connection to this life.  I use my brush for change in my art to inspire others, to spark creativity, authenticity, and self-expression; and, to lift not only the spirit of others, but also myself. Positive sustainable change can only come from a positive sustainable consciousness.” – Gaia Orion

Orion studied and graduated in Paris as an architect before moving to Canada and becoming a wife, mother of three, an entrepreneur, creator of two successful grass-roots businesses, and a burgeoning artist whose paintings reflect her inner exploration with meditation, personal development and living a simple and healthy life.

Exhibits include: Paris, New York, San Francisco, Toronto; and Mexico, Spain, Germany, Hungary and Bali. Orion’s paintings have been featured in over 60 publications in Canada, USA, France, UK, Taiwan and China with 16 cover pages and numerous articles, interviews. She is also the recipient of  awards of excellence.

In addition to art exhibits, Orion’s growing renown comes from speaking engagements and personally guided coaching and workshops.







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Gaia Orion has exhibited in Paris, New York, San Francisco and Toronto; as well as in Mexico, Spain, Germany, Hungary and Bali. Originally from Paris, France, where she graduated with honors from Ecole des Beaux Arts as an architect, she now lives North of Toronto, Ontario, in Canada.



Gaia’s artwork has been featured in over 60 different publications in Canada, USA, France, UK, Taiwan and China, with 16 cover pages and numerous articles and interviews. Some noteworthy publications are The Yoga Magazine, Integral Review, COSM Alex Grey Journal and Professional Artist Magazine. She is also the illustrator for the Reiki News and New Moon Girls magazines in U.S.A, Rêves de Femmes publication in France and a regular contributor for We’Moon date book and calendar which is published worldwide.

Interviews and articles that you may be interested in:

Selected blog articles:

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Gaia Orion is fully involved with world conscious change initiatives.

  • 2017 Curator of the art section for the Integrating Mindfulness event in Toronto, Canada.
  • 2016 Founding Member of Toronto Association of Transformational Leaders.
  • 2016 Curator of the art section for the Integral European Conference in Budapest, Hungary.
  • 2015 Selected with 25 others international artists to be part of the Association The Healing Power of Art (New York, U.S.A.).
  • 2014 Curator for aboriginal artists for international visionary show Chiméria in France.
  • 2013 Participation with her art in the Generation Waking Up event in Toronto, Canada.
  • 2012 Selected with 35 other worldwide artists to be part of the online art gallery of Manhattan Arts International from New York.
  • 2012 With 60 visionary artists from across the world, Gaia is selected for the Galactik Collector’s Cards project. This global arts initiative by Delvin Solkinson, (manager editor of Alex Grey’s Cosm Magazine) is a collection of art cards that celebrates the spirit of world inspired imagination and artists. Other great artists that are part of this project are Ernst Fuchs, Alex Grey, Robert Venosa, Amanda Sage, Daniel Mirante, Brigid Marlin, Lukas Kandl, etc…
  • 2012 Gaia is interviewed for the book and filmed documentary “Un Nouveau Monde En Marche” (Toward A New World). The book was written by the French fair trade company Alter Eco in collaboration with Gandhi International. She is one of the 25 interviewees with other main personalities of French politics, economy, ecology, philosophy and arts.
  • 2012 Participation with her art in an event for American activist and environmentalist Julia Butterfly Hill in Toronto.
  • 2011 Selected with 50 other worldwide artists to be part of Les Arts de l’Eveil (Arts of Awakening) association in France to represent the movement of conscious change within the arts.
  • Since 2006 Association For Global New Thought uses Gaia’s World Peace painting for their worldwide Season For The Earth Project.



In 2017, Gaia Orion was nominated Woman of the Year by the Orillia Business Women Association. She has won numerous awards of excellence for International Competitions from Manhattan Arts International of New York (in 2016, 2015, 2013 and 2012) and has received the Jill Conner’s Critic Choice Award from New York, U.S.A. She also has been a recipient of grants from Ontario Art Council for her international exhibits.



“It was a great honor to have been on the jury that selected Gaia’s painting to win an Award of Excellence in the Manhattan Arts International competition “Celebrate The Healing Power of Art”. We were searching for artists who created “Positive Art That Lifts The Spirit.” Her work fits that criteria perfectly. At first glance at her art you are aware of a magnificent spiritual manifestation that cannot be manufactured in any way other than originating from pure love – pure genius.” 

Renee Philips – Director of Manhattan Arts International, New York, U.S.A

“Gaia’s art will inspire, intrigue and delight you”

Susun Weed, Voice of the Wise Woman Tradition, U.S.A.

“… Gaia Orion captures the dynamic relationship of riveting contrasts that render dimension through resonance. The artist’s rendition of colorful intensity suggests movement within the still composition of the image. Pictorial details become secondary as the core of Gaia Orion’s primary aesthetic becomes apparent through the psychological experience of color. Here, in the “Autumn Reflection” award-winning piece, the wonder of landscape emerges from visual sensation rather than illusion.”

Jill Conner, New York based art critic – Editor of Whitehot Magazine, Editor of On-Verge

Gaia Orion’s work gives me a sense of harmony, spirituality and unity and brings peace and joy to the soul. I found her to be a heart centered and open minden person with whom it is fun and easy to collaborate.

Bence Ganti, Founder of the Integral Academy, Hungary and Director of the European Integral Conference

“Gaia Orion is a truly inspired and inspiring artist. She takes always us higher with her paintings. She talks about the untold, brushes about the unseen and shares a lot of love, yet without putting herself too much into the paintings. Her intention and vision are clearly present, but she lets emptyness be there too, so that each one can feel there is a place to interpret on the message and meditate on it. I am a big fan of Gaia’s work. Long life to her inspired work and more globally to all visionary arts that help us become a little bit better everyday.”

Tristan Lecomte, Director and Founder of Pur Projet, France

“The soft lines and warm colors of Gaia Orion’s art emanate soothing energies and give feelings of peace and simplicity”

William Lee Rand, Editor in Chief of the Reiki News Magazine, U.S.A.

“This work shines with the light of our world, reflecting the beauty and spirit of the Gaia-Sophia. Sharing the profound splendour of the Earth and its myriad citizens in a uniquely creative and visionary way, this work is a testament to the limitlessness of the inspired human imagination”

Delvin Solkinson, Managing Editor of Alex Grey’s COSM journal, Canada/U.S.A.




Q: You didn’t always want to be an artist. You studied to be an architect. What inspired you to pick up a brush?

A: yes I would have never imagined myself being an artist, but I couldn’t help it, the images started to come up and once I started painting I knew I had a gift and I had no choice but to work on it and share it. Life inspired me. The changes in my life, moving to Canada, becoming a wife and mother of three. Living close to nature in rural Ontario. Committing to living authentically and simply. My inner journey and connection to spirit, became my outer expression and mission through my brush.


Q: Your mission? What exactly is your mission?

A: We are living in an ultra-fast changing, challenging time.  Beautiful things are happening and horrifying things are happening.  I use my brush for change in my art to inspire others, to spark creativity, authenticity, and self-expression; and, to lift not only the spirit of others, but also myself. Positive sustainable change can only come from a positive sustainable consciousness.


Q: For those who have never seen your art, what type of images do you paint?

A: My paintings are bright and colourful. They are symmetrical, ordered, geometric and often staged into a circle. Mandalas represent the whole universe, wholeness, unity. Many of my images are full of details, symbolism and meaning. When viewing my art people feel peace, they are uplifted and inspired. Many paintings tell stories of our personal and collective lives and they always engage deep conversations about life, nature, transformation and world peace.


Q: Has your imagery changed over the years? Is it much different today than, let’s say, five years ago?

The imagery evolves into more complex creations. As I go deeper into my own being and life, my paintings show me the way, they are ahead of my path, teaching me. In sharing with others they touch a wider audience and the feedback I get teaches me further. The most interesting part of seeing the art evolve is how the paintings connect, thread a story with an intelligent continuity. Each new piece that arises inspire many more images, which is both exciting and sometimes overwhelming… I don’t know if one lifetime will be enough to manifest all my visions!


Q: You also speak at your exhibitions. What do you tell your audiences and why? What do you want people to think and feel and maybe do when they leave?

A: I am maturing along with my art. At first I didn’t know who I was as a person, I was young. After many years of growing up and waking up, the whole story of who I am and what my art is about becomes coherent. My journey is unique and I realize I have much to share. My personal journey of transformation ties in with the story of our present world. I talk about my brush for change and draw my visions for a new conscious world. Others are doing the same with their own unique talents, specific knowledge and fields of interest. There are numerous visionaries in our world using their own brush, pen, camera, technology… whatever unique gift they have is applied to the well being of the whole.

Most people are inspired by my talks, I questions them on how they can ‘ become the change they want to see in the world’.

Q: Where do you see yourself in 10 years? In 20 years?

A: If I have learned anything at all over the past 20 years, it is about not living in the past or in the future.

Instead, I practice being as present as possible right here, right now…listening to and honoring my intuition and my heart. I have a life motto that answers this question perfectly: I am happy and content with what I have now but I still allow myself to dream as big as possible!


Q: You call yourself a “visionary” artist. What exactly do you mean by that?

Yes I call myself a visionary artist, which has nothing to do with visions of the third eye. I see the word ‘vision’ more in the sense of Martin Luther King’s ‘I have a dream’. Art has always been a lasting reflection of historical stages since the dawn of humanity. Architecture, sacred sites, designs on pottery, carvings, paintings and literature are the lasting testament of our evolving human consciousness. I think contemporary visionary artists are the visual representation of the cutting edge movement for conscious change. Each of us participating in this movement is strongly committed, via our talent, to create a better world for ourselves and the future generations. As an artist, my tool for change is a brush!









Gaia Orin painting

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