Art for a peaceful and flourishing world

Marilyn Hamilton, Founder of Integral City, Canada

Integral City is honored to sponsor the Brush for Change catalog [Solo exhibition in Boulder CO]. The moment I experienced Gaia’s art I felt a strong resonance with the Spirit of Integral City. I love the synchronicity of Gaia’s name and the Call for Integral City to respond to the injunction of James Lovelock (author of the Gaia hypothesis) to enable humans and our ‘human hives’ to act as Gaia’s Reflective Organs. Gaia Orion’s art so beautifully reflects the spirit at the heart of the four Voices of the Integral City. This is the aesthetic that reflects the Evolutionary Intelligences inspiring us in our ‘human hives’ to feel FULLY ALIVE.

Marilyn Hamilton, Founder of Integral City Meshworks Inc.


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