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Life is miraculous :The synchronicities around my new painting Weaving Her Journey

Sacred Change image created for Sarah O'Rourke

Sacred Change image created for Sarah O’Rourke

I’ve enjoyed immensely working with many of my clients and over time some have even become good friends. Sarah O’Rourke from Sacred Change is one of them. Together we have co-created three paintings. When Sarah contacted me with her idea for our last project it came at a perfect time in my creative process. In 2009 I had created Our Journey, a painting describing man’s journey through life along with its trials and joys, all in relation with the cycles of nature.

Laurent Muratet et son livre Un Nouveau Monde en Marche

Book Un Nouveau Monde en Marche written by Laurent Muratet

A few years later (2011), a client from France, Laurent Muratet (founder of Terra Vita project, author of Un Nouveau Monde en Marche) commissioned me to create a similar painting but requested that I add a dimension of female-male balance. This is how the painting Wholeness was born; it depicts two spirals for man and woman’s journey, joined by the dance of nature with brother sun and sister moon.

After completing these 2 paintings I realised that the pair needed to be a trio and that an image talking about the journey of woman would be coming to complete the series.

Our Journey and Wholeness paitning

Our Journey and Wholeness painting

Weaving Her Journey

Weaving Her Journey

It is around this moment, in 2013, that Sarah asked me to create a painting to use in her priestess teachings. This painting needed to represent the stages of woman such as the maiden, mother and crone as well as various goddess archetypes from the history of humanity. We also included the awesome 13 grandmothers to the project accompanying our journey with their teachings.

International Council of Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers

International Council of Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers


Catherine Maillard and her circle of women in Paris Uneaura4étoiles

Before I went to France for my solo show, Catherine Maillard (editor and journalist) invited me to lead one of her monthly circle of women UneAura4Étoiles. She chose to talk about this new painting Weaving Her Journey to celebrate all the aspects of our journey together. Catherine Maillard and many of the women there are following the teachings of the 13 grandmothers. In these teachings, we are to journey through the 13 moon cycles with a new theme each moon cycle. It happened that the teachings of the first moon cycle, in January, starts with the theme : The Weaver! This is the month I was in Paris for my solo show, hosting the circle of women with my painting Weaving Her Journey! The weaver theme celebrates dreaming big and realizing our dreams which is exactly why I was in Paris! There couldn’t have been a better connection to my own journey when I am about to open my first big international solo show!

French magazine Rêve de femmes and her founder Karine Nivon

French magazine Rêve de femmes and her founder Karine Nivon

There was one more synchronicity that came into this beautiful web of events. To announce my coming to Paris, Karine Nivon (editor of the French magazine Rêve de Femmes) featured my art from cover to cover in her magazine to illustrate the theme : “Oser rêver grand et vivre ses rêves” (Having the courage to dream big and living your dreams!!!)

What else can I say? Life is really miraculous!

*For more information see Jamie Sams book : the 13 original clan mothers and for more about my artwork visit


  1. Hi my name is Marissa and I’m an Adolescent and Family Counsellor in Sydney Australia. I have ran a life skills management workshop 10 years ago and I called it My Life My Journey for young people. I will be running it again in April 2020 and would love to use your painting on the flyer. May I please have your permission to use your painting on a flyer for the workshops? Thank you I would really appreciate it.

    • Hello dear Marissa, unfortunately, this image was created for one of my clients, she uses the image for her work and does not wish it to be used for other purposes. I have many other images, I hope you can find another one that will suit your project! All the best, Gaia

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