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Is It Heartbreaking To Sell An Original Painting

World Peace Oil on Canvas sold!

World Peace Oil on Canvas sold!

Before I was an artist I always assumed that letting go of a piece of art would be heartbreaking for the creator. I was surprised that for myself it wasn’t so. I remember the first piece of art I ever sold. I exhibited 6 of my ‘funky mushrooms paintings’ at a little private art event and sold one of them. I was ecstatic! I even woke my parents up in the middle of their night (me in Canada, them in France) to tell them the news!

Because I’ve never underpriced my art when someone expresses interest in buying a piece, I feel honoured. I realise most people only buy a few pieces of original artwork in a lifetime so the mere fact that my work is being considered is exciting to me.

I read once that ‘it is not difficult to let it go if you know you will sell the piece when you create it’. When I create a painting I always think that one day it will be in someone’s home brightening and inspiring their lives. I do paint with this in mind but I firstly paint because I am inspired to do so.

I truly love creating and painting and I have no doubt that most people can feel that when they see my work. Plus, I have painted so many canvas now, if I kept them all, I would need a warehouse to store them or own a 20,000 sqft home to display them all! What would be the point of hoarding them?

Collectors that own my art tell me over the years how much they enjoy having my paintings as a part of their lives. When visualizing my images all over the world in their new homes, I feel they are continuing doing their mission:

The images came through me (thank you to the Muse for the gifts), they taught me and helped me grow and now they touch more lives wherever they are, for centuries to come.

Here is what some of my collectors are saying:

“I own several prints of Gaia’s prints and one spectacular original Winter Walk. It hangs in my office so I can connect with it to begin the day. When Gaia brought it to our home, I was overcome with a sense of true joy. Her heart is in every piece and I am delighted to have a piece of that.” Kelly Patterson McGrath, Canada

“It is a true blessing having Gaia’s original art displayed in both my home and place of work.  Her paintings speak the language of the soul. Beyond simply looking beautiful, they engage.  Many conversations have been started around these paintings and what they evoke for different people. Her art opens up soul dialogue and asks the viewer to step out of the mundane and into the infinite.  That is precisely the transformative energy I want radiating throughout my home, office, and life.” Raven Magick (Sarah O’Rourke), U.S.A.

Truly, it doesn’t hurt me at all to sell a painting, the feelings are pure gratitude and joy!

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  1. I love your insights here! Yes, Gaia, your work inspires and blesses. Your Tessa painting hangs beside my desk, and I receive great joy from it. I have a Raven Call (print) on my altar. Again, a huge blessing. Thank you.

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