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How Fasting Helps My Creativity

P1160915 Most people would say that creativity is a gift. I couldn’t agree more with that, but from my experience, I feel that the inspiration for unique, touching and meaningful images have also come from preparing the ground in my personal life for this incredible material to arise. Vibrant health is probably the most important thing that anyone wants in life; to have the energy to pursue what they love.

There are three levels that needs to be addressed to prepare ourselves: our physical, emotional and spiritual bodies. An interesting fact is that when we work on any of these levels, it affects the whole being as there is no such thing as separate selves. The body -how we walk, talk, where our pains are- speaks directly about our emotions and our spirit. When we practice meditation, emotions will be released, physical ailments relieved. When we practice stretching, running or yoga, states of connection with spirit can be experienced; and in the same way, when we change our diet to a super healthy one and practice fasting, we can release deep blocked emotions and enter conscious states.

 Because of our western world unnatural lifestyles, we carry stress, our muscles ache and our diet is often not that great. Toxins are found in our air and water, in food additives, pesticides and herbicides, in chemicals from cleaning products, into the clothes we wear and in the perfumes and makeup we put on. This compound cocktail that we are exposed to every day is locked everywhere in our cells and organs and tissues. Many food that we eat do not evacuate entirely, so fasting regularly allows the body to go on a “cleaning mode” to release accumulated toxins and matter. When we lived in the wild which is our natural state, there were times when there were no food and our bodies could perform this natural cleansing process off and on. Nowadays, in Western society we eat three times a day, every day, and we never give time and space to have a detoxifying period. Fasting is easy, natural and speaks for itself as the benefits are always felt directly and experientially. The day I fast (approximately once a week plus longer fasts once or twice a year) I feel so much energy, my muscles are loose, my skin is tighter and radiant and my vision and concentration are even clearer.

 The common benefits of fasting are:

– weight control

– regulation of high blood pressure

– decrease of addictive tendencies (smoking, drinking, overeating)

– dramatically improved skin condition

– increased energy and vitality

– release of emotional tension and stress

– look and feel younger

– minimize allergies

– restore normal body function

P1160940-1The first times you fast, you really need to prepare your body for a few days before, avoiding coffee, sugar, wheat, meat and dairy. Instead eat seeds, nuts, veggies, fruits and beans which are easier food to digest.

It will take experience to familiar oneself with the fasting mode, but eventually you will feel no hunger. At first you will feel a lot of discomfort, cravings and emotions; this is the body not liking the change of pattern and habit. But you will always feel the benefits in your body, especially the next day.

The best is to drink fresh vegetable juices (preferably greens) as it will provide nutrients and that way you will not feel weak at all. It is possible to do this by drinking herbal teas and fresh lemon juices (with a bit of maple syrup for added minerals and cayenne pepper for boosting circulation). When you feel like eating just drink something and it will appease your empty stomach.

Personally I find the “not eating” part easy. The most difficult is the “starting to eat again part”. The next morning after your fast, do not have pizza, chocolate cake, bread, and cheese. Go easy with some light foods to gradually transition to a regular schedule.  If not, you could ruin the positive effect of fasting and end up hurting yourself more than anything else!

To paint I need to feel well and happy and fasting is a great tool, so cheap and so simple, to achieve just that! I hope I inspired you to try fasting and improve your overall health and lives!

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