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He Awakens and She Awakens

My two oil paintings She Awakens and He Awakens are sold! I am especially happy because they were created to be together and a collector in France saw that!

She Awakens and She Awakens by Gaia Orion


I would like to share a few photos that shows the evolution of these paintings as I created them.

He Awakens started as a small ink pen drawing, my main idea was to have an eye and the cosmos with a multiplication and fractal feeling. When I saw a contest for artwork on the theme of Awakening for Hozho shamanic magazine in Switzerland, it gave me the meditating person piece (my painting was a finalist in the contest!).

He Awakens Sketch by Gaia Orion

Gaia Orion sketching

Once happy with the result I felt confident to paint it on a large canvas:

He Awakens by Gaia Orion

I didn’t know that it needed a female companion but She Awakens came to me as a strong vision as I woke up about a year later. I had been working on a logo proposal for an association in France (Art of Awakening association) and the sketches for the logo were actually the birthing of this new painting.



These two paintings were exhibited at Chiméria International Visionary show in France in 2014:

Gaia Orion Art at Chimeria

I sometime write a text for my artwork but this time I loved a poem that my cousin Terra wrote specifically for these paintings:

The meditator turns inward,

he descends deeper into himself,

he touches his centre, sits there, contemplates.

When he awakens, it all transforms.

Demultiplication of the senses,

depths become peaks,

the inward gaze becomes a look at the whole world,

from our centre: day, night, sun, moon, fire, water, earth, the uni-verse!

Infinitely small, infinitely large in a permanent movement,

silence as an anchor,




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  1. congratulations on the sale of these two magnificent pieces. The exceptionally tiny and incredibly straight detail is Exquisite. The meditative poem really does capture the essence of the art work. What a gift you have Gaia.
    Stark color scheme, draws the eye and takes you to another dimension. Thank you for sharing your journey.

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