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GO Creative! Corporate Coaching


Grounded in a successful international art career Gaia Orion also trained as a Creativity coach (CCA) and a Corporate Coach (WABC).

With exhibitions focused on personal transformation and societal change, paintings with a clear aspiration for harmony, it was natural for her to create unique coaching offers. She is passionate about the power of art and coaching to enrich and profoundly transform the culture of our organizations.

Many studies demonstrate the relevance and effectiveness of right brain approaches like practicing art in the workplace. Her Creative Training courses are tailored for companies, associations and organizations. The various modules expand our mindsets and enhance positively our behaviors to become creative minds (stress management), creative teams (team building), creative spirit (finding the meaning of life and work) in a creative space (adapting to change).


“Bringing Creative Trainings in our office was a unique and enriching experience that generated very interesting conversations about how we work and collaborate on projects. These workshops increased the depth and cohesion of our team and reminded us how we each are a valuable and essential part of the company.”

Susan Pahl, Shift Coaching

**more info coming soon**

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