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Sacred Change by Gaia Orion

Sacred Change – Oil on Canvas 90 x 90 cm

One of the first articles I wrote on my blog was entitled ‘Finding my family in the art world’. In 10 years working full time on my art I have realized now that visionary art in the art world is still avant-garde and is not well represented in galleries or museums around the globe. We do have our own movement and prestigious exhibitions are hosted by various curators and visionary artists, but as far I see it, it is still an alternative fringe movement.

I am not giving up on the importance of ‘sacred contemporary art’ (another term for visionary art). It is a return of the sacred when our society has lost most of its spiritual landmarks at so many levels. Indeed we have not lost them just in religious circles, it is also reflected in our relationship to the planet and its disastrous present state, our disparate economy, the way we relate to each other in social justice and in so many other critical points humanity is facing. We are in a spiritual crisis and positive art that connects us to ‘the source’, or simply our essence, is so needed right now.

As an artist, I am always looking for my peers and my place in the world. The past two years I’ve been really into the work of Ken Wilber and the Integral community that is springing up from this philosophy. The integral philosophy seems to gather and beautifully put into words all that I have learned through years of insight meditation and therapy, from being a parent, a self-made entrepreneur, from taking care of my health from the ground up, as well as from living in a natural environment in Canada.

Integral living, learning and becoming, gathers knowledge of worldwide traditions and puts it into an elegant system that helps us understand life better. It presents us with tools that enables us to grow up and wake up to become more fulfilled and simply happier human beings.

Our Journey by Gaia Orion

Our Journey – Oil on Canvas 60 x 60 cm

Without a doubt you can see in my artwork that I have always been interested in looking at what unifies us. In my own life I have found that there is not only one way but many ways. I have been dedicated to finding the various practices that help me become a better person in body, mind and spirit. In our society integral thought is being applied and is transforming many organizations, structures and businesses, from the inside out. And of course, the integral world has a place for artists!

You can see how my journey is reflected in my art and speaks about integral living. This is why I will be exhibiting my art and presenting a new painting with an integral theme at the upcoming European Integral Conference in Budapest, Hungary.  I am really excited about attending this event and connecting with the many presenters and guests that will attend.

In my next blog article I will share  the unfolding of this new artwork I am working on. The conference is in little more than a month away so I’d better get back to my easel right now!

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