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From The Good Little Girl To The Wild Woman

Gaia-Kid  I grew up in a large catholic family, I am the eldest of five, my mom came from a family of six and my dad, they were 7 of them. Fathers presided over the families, all of them had good jobs; mothers were at home, cooking, sewing, cleaning, driving us around. My mom would set my clothes at the end of my bed every night until I was 12, the clothes I should wear in the morning; clothes that would make me look like a proper girl from a respectable family. Of course, we all went to church. In these times I actually loved going to church, praying, studying the Bible, I felt very mystical but it was all I knew to connect me to the silence of the vast universe. I was brought up to be a good little girl.  I grew up in a very fortunate environment.

The other side of the story is that, like in many homes, each family had their secrets that were never talked about. Parents never argued in front of the kids, children were not allowed to speak up (or speak at all at the grandparents’ family table). Sexuality was a non-existent subject, coloured people, hairdressers and market vendors were subtlety looked down upon. I was told that “pierced ears were for servants.” Artists were considered insane, schizophrenic and self-centered people; rock concerts were for drugs and the free love practices. I wasn’t allowed to go to friends birthday dances or to go to concerts. But when  I turned 14, I was taught how to waltz and play bridge in this group called a “rally”. As I grew up, the “rallies” would be dances with rock n ‘roll music where proper kids from my respectable kind would meet and party.

Gaia-WildWoman So much of our sedentary bourgeois lives can feel like total nonsense (even though, don’t get me wrong, I still buy into it somewhat with my comfortable Western artists life). When we understand by the findings of modern physics that most of the material world is made of empty space with vibrating particles; and when neuroscience and psychology show that we are a composite of cells entirely conditioned by our genetics and our environment… how can we not help but to ask questions about the meaning of life: going to a job, having a family, paying the bills, enjoying a bit of entertainment. Some people say we choose our incarnation. How did I choose such an apparently perfect bourgeois upbringing and now feel the call of the wild woman. I freed myself from the conformity of religion, I married a soul searching poet musician lone wolf. I now make a living from selling bright wild clothes at festivals in the summer and from my artistic gifts the rest of the year. I lived the past 9 years by a river in the Canadian forest away from all I grew up with.

The images from my art arise spontaneously and as they manifest over the years it feels as if they are teaching and showing me who I truly am. I am discovering a whole new woman and freedom in life through the journey of the artist. Little by little I am learning to embrace the power of my art.

Raven Call watermarkWhen I paint my wild women I feel this primal call to live untouched by society, utterly free in connection with nature, the animals, the trees, the wind, the earth and stars. To me that would be the ultimate natural mystical life.

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  1. Praised be the dung that fertilized such a beautiful rosebush, blessed be the fetid marsh where from surged the sparkling and immortal flower. The electric power cannot flow without positive and negative poles; worship the negative waves that allowed the positive ones to beam.

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