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Framing Our Artwork

Gaia-framesI am very fortunate to have a supportive husband who has a natural sense of business and marketing, and is also an artist himself. Dolphin is the one that encouraged me to spend the necessary money to frame my art.

Some of my artist colleagues frown upon the words ‘business and marketing’ as if they have nothing to do with art. They are correct that the process of creating is pure, free, and organic, but they are wrong if they think that no business sense is required for selling their art.

Artists that present themselves in a professional manner and who inquire and apply basic marketing tools will have a better chance at selling their art. These artists will most likely attract a clientele that will respect and appreciate them for understanding the business aspect of art . ‘Business and marketing’ does not necessarily mean being fake and luring people into buying; they are simply easy rules and tools that will make your work look its best which will be in everyone’s interest. Framing our art is one of them.

Framing does not have to be extremely expensive if we do a bit of research. If you are entering into an art career, you will have many pieces of art to frame; you can then most likely open an account at a wholesaler. That means that you will be getting the price that the local framing store is getting. One of the wholesalers I buy from gives me 30% off if I order more than 12 frames of the same moulding at a time. 30% off the wholesale price! Now this makes everything a lot more accessible!

It might seems like a lot of money to put out at first but you have to look at it like a normal investment. Any person that starts a business has to put money in inventory at the beginning. Compared to any other industry, buying frames is actually not a bad return. Let’s say I purchased 12 frames at $100 each. I can easily add $100 on the price of my painting to cover the cost. If your paintings sell between for $500 and $1000, which is a low price point for original art, after selling one or two paintings you have already paid for all your 12 frames.

Once the art is framed, it really looks that much better and its value can easily go up. With the stretched canvas the original painting could be sold around $800/$1,000, but once framed a $2,000 tag if just fine too. See what I mean with these photos:

Sacred Change by Gaia Orion - Oil on Canvas 24"x24"

Sacred Change by Gaia Orion – Oil on Canvas 24″x24″

Midnight Bath by Gaia Orion -Oil on Canvas 24"x24"

Midnight Bath by Gaia Orion -Oil on Canvas 24″x24″

The same goes for selling prints or art on paper. Here is a print coming out of the printer, then simply matted, which is how I sell my small $18 prints. On the far right you can see how my friend Nanook nicely framed the print. By adding the frame the print could now easily be sold for up to $100.

Autumn Reflection by Gaia Orion

Autumn Reflection by Gaia Orion

With a printed canvas, even though it already look great with the wrapped canvas, see how great it can look framed.

A Meaningful Life by Gaia Orion

A Meaningful Life by Gaia Orion

You understand now how framed art really looks a lot better but most clients don’t know that. They will not think “if I put a frame on that, it will look amazing”, we, the artists, have to frame our art so that the client goes right away “Wow, this looks amazing!”.

A good presentation will reflect confidence and also show that what we give out has value.

What would society be without art? We, artists, have a very important role and taking ourselves seriously by presenting our paintings in a professional manner will only help people to respect our work and attract the right clientele for it.

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