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The fee includes:

  • A one hour consulting conversation about your vision.
  • Series of preparatory sketches.
  • Email communication throughout all the stages of the painting or logo creation.

For commissioned paintings:

  • The artwork is created with inks, watercolour and/or gouache
  • The size is usually 12″x 12″ approximately
  • The best quality art material is used for the execution of the painting.
  • The finished painting is delivered matted (ready to be framed)
  • If you are looking at having a commissioned oil on canvas, I invite you to look at the prices & sizes of my original oil on canvas paintings as a guideline for the approximate cost. 

For a business image such as a book cover, a logo or any other branding visuals you will receive:

  • Digital version of the artwork.
  • Shared exclusive rights to the use of the image.

Please also note that:

  • Shipping and taxes (for Canadians) are not included in this quote.
  • The fee may need to be renegotiated if the co-creation is turning into a bigger project than originally expected. For example if the painting requires a lot of minute details, or if the client asks for an above expected amount of changes or for any other unforeseen reasons. This is an extremely rare occurrence and it usually comes as a smooth agreement between the artist and the client.



 Here is how I work: We first talk on the phone/Skype about your journey and your vision so that I can get a feel of who you are and what you want. I usually ask that there is no deadline as I feel creativity does not like deadlines but if you have one I can work around that.

Then I make a few first sketches.

Only when you are happy with what is being co-created I ask for a 50% non-refundable down payment as a commitment. It is important that we both feel comfortable working together. It is possible that I am not the right artist for your project, sometimes it is me that doesn’t connect with the vision.

If and when I use the image created I always use it along with all the information of your business so that it is like an advertisement for your work. I rarely use the images I create for others but sometimes I have a strong connection to the painting created and I feel it is important that I am able to include it within the bulk of my work.

I look forward to working with you,