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FAQ – 5-day Creativity Retreat in France

Who are the organizers?

Gaia will co-host the retreat with Isabelle Dupond who is the local yoga teacher. During these 5 days Gaia and Isabelle will bring together their complementary talents and practices to enhance your creativity and well-being.



Do I need to have artistic experience? 

No artistic experience is necessary. If you are not a skilled artist, it will be easier for you to “play” as you will have no expectation for results…. expectation and control are from the mind and in this retreat we will be going to the space of letting go and flow! Mindful movement and massage with Isabelle will be an extraordinary complement to working with our art.


Who is the yoga teacher ?

The co-host Isabelle Dupond is the local yoga teacher and is a good friend of Gaia. She is an extraordinary woman who is also a certified ayurvedic massage therapist. She organizes regular retreats in India and runs a vibrant practice in this small corner of the world.


Isabelle Dupond

A word from Isabelle :
With gentle stretching we will unlock the body, open inner spaces carried by the waves of the breath… with soft and harmonious movements we will awaken to new sensations to welcome the flow of energy, and also the letting go so that creativity can deploy itself with joy and simplicity.The Ayurvedic massage (1h15) will be both relaxing and energizing and will assist in the integration of your body, mind and soul retreat experiences.

My 30 years of professional experience are composed of contemporary dance, yoga, numerous exchanges with India, Ayurvedic teachings and massages; all of this contribute to create an alchemy of an art of living where a coherence takes place, where I know I am at the right place and the right time.

I am happy to share new experiences with each person that wishes to contact the present moment by simply welcoming what IS.


Where will we be staying?

The retreat is located on the family property and castle which Gaia visited during holidays while growing up. It is inside the village and minutes away from fields and walking trails. You can connect to nature in the countryside and, as well, enjoy shopping and exploring in a quaint, centuries old village… all at your doorstep! In Gaia’s words: ‘When I am in France I reconnect to my roots. Today I have so much appreciation for the beauty of the architecture, the history, the time people take just to be together around the table or simply outside in a long chair sipping coffee with some good chocolate. When I offer a retreat in France I rejoice in being able to share all of this with others.’

Many more people from Gaia’s family are welcoming us into their homes (for the bedrooms). The various properties are adjacent to each other so we are all connected and feeling the warmth of a family atmosphere.


What about food?

We will have 3 meals a day. Lunches will be vegetarian made with local foods by a local cook. Dinner will be prepared by Véronique and Philippe (Gaia’s parents) being inspired by traditional French cuisine and it will have meat options. If you have dietary concerns, this will be accommodated; let us know well in advance about your specific requirements and allergies.


What will be the schedule?

8 to 9 am Breakfast

9 to 9:30 am Wake up stretches and meditation

9:30 to 12:30 am Creativity time

12:30 to 2:30 pm Lunch and free time and/or organized walk

2:30 to 4:00 pm Creativity

4 to 5:15 pm Gentle stretches with Isabelle

5:30 to 7 pm Creativity (on your own project)

7 to 8 pm Supper

After supper: Free time or possibility for a private interview with Gaia if needed.


How can I get my flight ticket?

Flights to France usually range from $800 to $1,000 and it can be cheaper or more depending on the airline and time of travel. We recommend using to take the flight as they allow you to compare airlines. There are many other options online.

We recommend paying a little bit more, if necessary, for a direct flight to Paris or a flight with one stop without a long layover. You can try The Flight Center or Payless Travel that have real people you can talk to when booking!


How about for travelling from Paris to Saint Savinien?

You can catch a train from Montparnasse train station in Paris. With one transfer you will be right in the village of Saint Savinien.

Train tickets range from 36€ ($50) up to 85€($120) depending on when you book them and what kind of ticket you take (3 months in advance booking results in 50% discount).

We will come and get you at the train station when you arrive. Once you book your retreat we will help you to buy your train ticket online and explain how to get from the airport to the train station. Remember, public transport in France is very easy and very cheap compared to North America.


How do I pay to book my spot?

You can contact us personally or book online and pick your bedroom and book online.


I live close to Saint Savinien and would like to participate. Do you have options for locals?

There is a fee for people that will attend all the teachings but do not need to sleep on site. This fee includes all the classes (art, gentle stretching), one our massage and lunches: 500€



Who shall I contact if I have more questions?

For more information contact us (+1) 705-812-7937 


If you use facebook, add your name on the fb event!


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