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Career Coaching For Artists

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What is Career Coaching For Artists?

You define yourself as an artist. You are a painter, a sculptor, a writer, a performer, a crafter, etc…  You are a creative person that dedicates your life to constantly growing and healing.

  • You may have difficulties ‘finding your place’ in the world
  • You wonder if you should call yourself ‘a professional artist’
  • You sometime have mixed feelings about marketing and selling what you do
  • You struggle at times making a living from your creativity.

You are not alone! Today I make a good living from my art but it took me years of trying virtually everything to find my way in this world. Certified as a Creativity Coach (Creativity Coaching Association) and as an Executive Coach (World Association of Business Coaches)  I’d like to share with you my experience on the field.

A series of coaching sessions can save you years of trial and error!

Here is what you can expect from coaching sessions with Gaia :

  • Be listened to by someone who understands your specific challenges
  • Help in finding your inner resources to address these challenges
  • Commit to give art making a more prominent place in your daily life
  • Define your role as an artist and vision for the world
  • Brainstorm ideas on how to bring in revenues with your talent
  • Let go of limiting beliefs around money while staying connected to your heart and the true spirit of your work
  • Find confidence that you can make a living with your art
  • Get professional support with your artistic projects


You want to flourish as a human being and as an artist.

The world needs us now more than ever!

With our art we are awakening others and are agents of change.

Being successful with our art is to be fully at the service of humanity.

Invest time and effort to make it happen NOW!

I met Gaia at a time in my life when I was lost and didn’t know how to reconnect with my creativity. Her deep and genuine listening gave me the confidence I needed and allowed me to tame my vulnerability. Gaia is very intuitive and has a feminine spirituality that particularly touches me. I recommend her with all my heart.

Sophie Desplat

Artist and Textile Designer

I am sincerely happy with the coaching from Gaia. I felt supported, listened to, she helped me to focus my goal by going to what was essential and important to me. This coaching allowed me to sit down and reflect as well as evolve in very little time. I am surprised by how the results are so positive!

Analesa Berg

Social Artist, Interspiritual Counsellor and Leader, USA

The coaching with Gaia helped me listening to myself, it brought a greater respect for my art and a recognition for its beauty. This support is what I needed. I thank her for giving everyone the opportunity to discover and open to the possibilities that their path brings. Witnessing her journey has allowed me to believe in another possible world, where to create beauty, to contemplate nature, and to respect oneself is possible.

Sandy Mandin

Visual Artist, France

Gaia is my coach in creativity. It’s a precious moment for me, a special space, to speak about my work as a writer, address issues that help me position myself. I already feel more confident. What a rich et positive experience, a lucky charm on my way to create and find my place.

Astrid de Laâge

Author, France

Gaia has been helping  me with my artistic projects for a few months. I used her coaching services on the advice of a friend at a time when I was feeling a lot of confusion with my art career. I now gained clarity with my goals, I am slowly finding ways to complete my projects. Despite the differences in our artistic approaches, Gaia’s feedback and professional outlook on my images helps me understand how to present my work better.

Cécile Harari

Visual Artist and Photographer, France

With all her experience as an artist and coach, combined with her ability to listen and tune into her client is truly inspirational to any aspiring artist looking to take their creativity to another level. Thank you Gaia for all your support!

Cameron Donsberger

Performer and artist, Canada

Gaia’s coaching brought me a lot: I was able to refocus my goals, give structure to my projects and regain confidence. She made me writing weekly which allowed me to brainstorm ideas and project myself into the future. Her feedback has opened up new perspectives for my activities. Gaia combines her artistic skills, an entrepreneurial mind and much sensitivity to her practice. She really understood what I was dealing with.

Emmanuelle Ducoulombier

Art therapist, France

If the price is restrictive for you to book these coaching sessions contact Gaia to inquire about the few scholarship spots she makes available in some special cases.

Occasionally I coach professionals who are looking for a creative approach to their life and work.

Gaia has very good listening skills and has an excellent ability to sum up my thoughts. She helps me focus on what’s essential and always asks the right questions. Her approach guides me gently toward taking the next step. She does not give answers but helps me find my own resources so that I come up with my own solutions. During every session, I take a step back and see aspects of my situation that I had not seen. With her creativity coaching, I am encouraged to think outside the box and consider new possibilities for my business.

Eric Forgues

General Manager of Canadian Institute of Linguistic Minorities Research, Canada

I came across Gaia after listening to one of her radio interviews. I find her to be very grounded and sensitive. It was perfect to rethink my career and move forward feeling safely supported in the process. I needed to bring some art and creativity into the work that I do as well as in my personal life! I was pleasantly surprised with the drawings I made. It felt good to see the results in the art, to realize how I can be less controlling. Instead, I learned to let myself go with the flow of life and saw how my art became the teacher!  Thanks again Gaia. 

Anais Bechetoile

HR Consultant, Work Psychologist

I am sincerely happy with the coaching from Gaia. I felt supported, listened to, she helped me to focus my goal by going to what was essential and important to me. This coaching allowed me to sit down and reflect as well as evolve in very little time. I am surprised by how the results are so positive!.

Céline Faujour

Sexologist and therapist, France

Gaia Orin painting

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