Art for a peaceful and flourishing world

Artist Statement


When we are immersed in nature, the colours, textures and patterns remind us of a deep state of knowing and truth that is innate in all of us. It was by a river in the forest in Ontario, Canada, that my art started to emerge in an absolutely spontaneous movement that still surprises me. 

The vibrant tones, intricate delicate lines and small meticulous brushstrokes of my oils on canvas speak about the core of human existence through cross-cultural symbology.  Simple figurations reveal ecstatic expressions of an empowered feminine, touching anyone who is on a journey to be an integrated wholistic being. Contemplative spirals and circles evoke the cyclical unfolding process of life and call us to be agents of change in our personal and collective lives.

These images have a reason to manifest in the greater context of our troubled world. These works of art are not only aesthetic – they communicate transpersonal love and visions of a flourishing Self and Society that is deeply in harmony with the Earth. They transcend boundaries, being akin to the intelligence of evolution itself, hence transmitting to the viewer the non-verbal paradigms of humanity’s next shift.

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