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Article in Touch Magazine, U.K. in February 2010

Touch Reiki magazineCreating my art has always been closely tied with my interest in healing therapies and my personal spiritual quest. I always liked drawing and painting but I started to create images that are unique and come from a deep place at the same time I initiated my own healing journey.

At 25 I was a mom of 3 babies (a 14 month old boy and newborn twin girls!) and married to a wonderful Canadian man that I met on a backpacking trip in Morocco. I had just moved from France, having just graduated as a student of architecture. I would describe my life then as being busy and very social, somewhat unconscious at least in my city student lifestyle and a diet consisting mostly of cigarettes, chocolate, coffee and white baguettes! From this I moved to a very quiet home life in a century old farmhouse in the countryside north of Toronto.
Being literally cut off from all my roots and activities propelled me into facing myself. Having kids only reinforced this and made me realize how much I needed to ‘work on myself’ so that I can be a better mom and a better person.

At 28 I did some psychotherapy, took a course in foot reflexology, I was reading books exclusively on health and diet, was doing yoga and took my first Reiki course; I also started attending meditation retreats. At this time my first original images started surfacing.

Each image arises spontaneously; sometime it will just appear starkly in my mind (like the paintings Free! or Life Celebration); other times something in my life strikes me, touches me, fascinates me and I set the intention that I want to paint an image from this (like Nomads, Our Journey or World Peace). Then it can take years for it to mature slowly until all the elements are aligned and I know the image is complete, ready to be drawn. When I draw any first sketch, it is usually very close to what the final painting will be. I feel that some part of this perfect universe is simply downloading the artwork through me.

I really see creativity as a gift. It is not something that I own personally, each painting is like a little miracle. Every time I am in awe with its process. Afterward when my images are shown to others, shared with the world more little miracles happen. Receiving people’s own stories and responses to some of the images is another gift in itself. Something that started from deep within allows me to connect with others at a personal level; this creates very fulfilling encounters and relationships.

Reiki enhances and deepens the process of healing and learning. I use it almost daily. In the morning I start my day by giving Reiki to a crystal grid sending intentions and prayers of well-being and peace to my family, friends, all of humanity, all living beings like animals and plants and our planet earth as well as the whole universe. I use Reiki when I cook, when I take care of my sprouts and my plants, on my kids as a bedtime incentive and on myself when I need to wind down.
For my art I sometimes use the Reiki symbols on the blank canvas or paper to set the intention of working on my art with awareness and for the good of all. When a painting is in process and when it is done, I like to step back, look at it and flood it with Reiki energy.

I always have a story with each image as many reflections often accompany the creation of a painting. Explaining what inspired me every time is essential to my work. Here I selected a few images to share with you. Thanks for being part of this adventure by reading on!

Touch Reiki magazine

Touch Reiki magazine

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