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Exactly 10 years ago I was officially starting my art career and one of my first emails was in reaching out to William Lee Rand to possibly illustrate the Reiki News.  It was really joyful when I received a positive response and my regular contribution to the magazine started.

At this point of my life my acquaintance with Reiki was not extensive. I had just taken a level 1 course and I wasn’t really using it. Actually after that course I thought that Reiki maybe wasn’t for me and I decided that I would follow up with Reiki only if life showed me a sign…. so let’s say that illustrating full pages for 12 articles a year was a pretty strong sign! Eventually I retook level 1 and then level 2 with a different teacher and later on went to Michigan to take the Reiki Master with William.

The focus of my adult life has been healing since I moved to Canada from Paris, France at age 24: I started eating healthy food, practicing yoga, meditation, doing therapy, living close to nature, being home with my kids… all of this opened me up to a more connected sensitive life. Adding Reiki to everything I was doing was only a natural unfolding.

In my art I use a lot of bright colors and this is my way of depicting radiant energy and healing. When people see my art many say they feel a deep sense of peace and harmony. I truly believe that the more I integrate all the healing in my own personal life, the more it is transmitted in the work I produce.  In sharing the artwork and connecting with others I discovered that these transformational images are part of a larger visionary movement that is active in society today… as deep ecology, social justice, conscious politic, alternative economy, and even as the worldwide Reiki community. Reiki is an incredible tool (as it is so simple to learn and use) that is beautifully spreading across the planet. When I create art, whether it is my own paintings or for the illustrations for the Reiki News, I always have this greater vision in mind. Each of us is participating, with our own unique talent in making our world always slightly better and happier. We do it within our own life, which naturally spreads to people around us and expands into the world.

It is like the peace grid project. One person’s initiative creates extraordinary intentions for the whole of humanity. When I first read the story of William going to both magnetic poles with his crystal plaques I was so touched that it inspired a painting I call World Peace. The plaques were adorned with crystals and symbols that represent 12 different major religions and spiritualities. The intention, “May all religions and spiritualities work together to create peace among all people on earth,” was written on the plaques and surrounded by the heart chakra lotus flower. These were set at both poles of the planet to enhance peaceful intentions and prayers around the world. In his story online William shows a diagram of the lines of the electromagnetic field of our planet, going from the South Pole to the North Pole, with energy entering both poles. I found it interesting how the lines of the energy pathways of the body (the meridians) going from the soles of the feet to the top of the head are very similar to the energetic anatomy of our planet. This to me shows how closely tied we are to the whole. The project invites our personal input toward world peace by sending Reiki to the plaques to enhance and activate more Reiki along the lines that surround the planet.

Uniting our vision and natural talents can become a catalyst for individual and collective change so that we can move together toward a healthier humanity .I would like to thank all the readers and writers that have expressed their appreciation for my work in the Reiki News over the years. Being part of this great family of actors of change has been the best gift of being an artist.

To see a selection of illustrations for the Reiki News I have created visit:


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