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Art Career Coaching


Are you a creative person who dedicates your life to constantly growing and healing? Is doing your art an important part of your life journey?

  • You may have difficulties ‘finding your place’ in the world.
  • You are confused and overwhelmed with the business aspects of your art career.
  • You sometimes have mixed feelings about marketing and selling what you do.
  • You struggle to make a living from your creativity but you know it’s calling you strongly.

You are not alone!

Gaia Orion Professional Artist Career Coach

I’ve been building my art business for over twenty years. My art was not an obvious fit for the contemporary art world so I went off the beaten path to find my own way as a self-employed artist. Certified as a Creativity Coach (Creativity Coaching Association) and as an Executive Coach (World Association of Business Coaches) I’d like to share with you my years of experience on the field.

I can help you with:

  • Expanding and clarifying your vision
  • Finding your place in the (art) world
  • Developing strategies to develop your database and find clients
  • Operating an efficient online presence that gives results
  • Coming up with new ways to generate money with your artistic talent

The support of coaching sessions can save you years of trial and error!

    You want to flourish as a human being and as an artist.

    The world needs us now more than ever!

    With our art, we are awakening others and are agents of change.

    Being successful with our art is to be fully at the service of humanity.



    Do you wonder if this Art Career Coaching is right for you? Let’s meet so that I can present you my various offers and see if we are a fit to work together.


    These sessions are for working on one specific topic. We will go to the point and make sure to resolve your present issue in one meeting.



    My art career coaching is ideal for people who lead (or wish to lead) a professional creative life.

    The progression of the sessions is tailored to facilitate a gradual learning of new skills, a drastic change of mindset and relevant action items to move your forward efficiently.

    My goal is for you to feel inspired and empowered, share your work with the world and find fulfilling success with it.


    Art Career Coaching Creativity Symbols


    Gaia’s Group Coaching are 1h20 monthly zoom calls for you to share your present issue and to learn from other artist’s journeys.

    Scheduled: First Tuesday of each month at 12 noon EST.


    Next Call: Tuesday May 4th,2021 at 12 noon EST

    Being a creative person can be a solitary life. I also created the group coaching option to respond to our need to relate with people who are going through similar challenges, understand exactly who we are and can support us with the ups and downs of our journey.

    The group coaching calls will include:

    1. A new theme each month
    2. Time for personal reflection
    3. Time for sharing with others
    4. Time to ask your questions
    5. An opportunity to be paired for a peer call

    Peer calls are an opportunity to be paired with another artist and schedule a call with each other. Together you can discuss your challenges and support each other’s with your respective creative journeys. If you wish to participate your peer will be appointed at the end of the Group Coaching Calls.


    Successful Creative Spirits

    These courses are a complete transmission of everything I have learned during 20 years of being a creative self-employed entrepreneur. Each lesson is packed with a very dense amount of information to support all areas of your art career.

    Gaia Orion Professional Artist Career Coach

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