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Our Journey

When I was a kid there was an old lithography at my grandparent’s castle in the washroom. It was about life and its different stages. Steps were going up to the age of 50 – Age Of Discretion it said – and then the steps were going down to the Age Of Decay (90 years old). A couple was shown on the steps at various stages of their life cycle and at the end the old couple, at 100 year old were lying in bed in the Age of Infancy and Imbecility! A Last Judgment picture was right in the center depicting in detail heaven and hell with details … Looking at this picture growing up was amusing but also daunting. I thought that there must be a different way to see this life journey.

Today I see life as seasons passing and returning. There are stages of maturity and gaining wisdom along the way; though a 100 year old can feel like a child at heart and the natural wisdom of a child is pure and powerful like the old sage. The natural slowing down of the body as we age gives us the opportunity to slow down in our activities and have more time for reflection. Just like winter is telling us to rest and look inward every year. When one lives in tune with nature life is a cycle following the seasons.

Where does it really start? When does it end? When the caterpillar ‘dies’, it has no idea that it is initiating the birth of a beautiful butterfly.

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