L’art pour une femme florissante et un monde en paix.

« Augustine » créée pour la boutique Augustine Spiritual Goods, Chicago, U.S.A.



Copyright (C) reserved Gaia Orion Art
Augustine was a wonderful commission job for me to do! She is a spirit that brought together the people to create Augustine Spiritual Goods in Chicago I had to talk to the workers to get a sense of who Augustine was. Augustine is a healer, an alchemist and a caring mother. She is also like a Gypsy traveler and a wise woman that comes from all cultures and ages. As a living spirit she connects with our planet to assist us in our healing and brings truth, love and light to the deep dark nights of our soul.
I created this painting for Augustine’s Spiritual Store in Chicago, which has its foundation in Augustine, the spirit. It is a place where the community gathers, both a healing space and a temple.
Augustine’s Eternal Gifts: 3327 S. Halsted – Chicago, Illinois, USA – 60608 Tel: 773 843 1933 email: [email protected]

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